Loki Ep. 4 Ending & Post-Credits Explained: Here’s Where Loki Went | MCU Canon Fodder

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Published on 2 Jul 2021, 13:00
We've been spending too much time with Lokis. Loki Episode 4 is on Disney+ and once Disney Plus again brings everybody's favorite Norse trickster god one step close to multiverse annihilation, but he and Sylvie aren't about to take it lying down. The Nexus Event introduces us to some variant Lokis plus it blows the lid off the whole Time Keepers situation. We've got lots of references all over Marvel Phase 4 from Marvel Studios. So what's next for Loki and where did he end up? Join IGN host Max Scoville for MCU Canon Fodder for the full Loki breakdown and all the Loki Easter Eggs we could find for the Loki Show.

Ever since the Loki trailer, fans have wondered what the Loki series had in store for the Trickster God of Mischief and the Loki official trailer and Loki new trailer only left fans with more questions than answers. And now we have Loki explained -- from Loki Avengers to Loki TVA starring Tom Hiddleston. Speaking of the Avengers from Marvel, the current phase of the MCU includes Thor and Lok Thor, as well as Mobius Loki and also Loki Mobius if you can believe it. Of all the Loki theories in the world that is certainly one of them.

The Loki Marvel and Loki Disney Plus are all clearly just more variant Lokis. Less so with Mobius, who is just a folksy dope who loves jet-skis. Still even the greatest TVA agents out there sometimes want a little something new. Rockstars like Mobius are no exception. But when he finds out the TVA has been lying to him, the situation quickly becomes an emergency. Awesome things happen after that in Loki Episode 4, check out Canon Fodder for the breakdown. Sylvie Loki is now in the trailer with Loki Sylvie and this episode Lady Sif and Mjolnir make appearances. For Asgard!

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