Apex Legends: Thrillseekers Event - Official Trailer

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Published on 8 Jul 2021, 10:27
There's a new Arenas map on the way, alongside fresh weekly rewards tracks, and new cosmetics in Apex Legends' Thrillseekers event.

Overflow is a lane-focused Arenas map where each location is separated by tall, lava-filled structures. Players need to stay vigilant before committing to a side, or risk being flanked. While there are opportunities for long-range engagements, combat tends to favour short-to-medium ranges along either POI: Overlook or Slope.

Kicking off on July 13 is The Summer Splash Sale, which brings back fan-favourite skins-including Youngblood and Voidwalker. All these cosmetics are Event Limited, but they may return in a future event or promotion.

Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event kicks off July 13, 2021 and runs until August 3, 2021.

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