Bright Memory: Infinite - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Published on 8 Jul 2021, 13:00
Check out FYQD Studio’s new gameplay trailer for Bright Memory: Infinite, featuring the game’s newly added weapons and battle scenes. In Bright Memory: Infinite, players can acquire different weapons as they progress. This video shows the special firing mode of each one. Towards the middle and later stages of the game, players will also get a sniper rifle. The sniper is fitted with special bullets, containing a viscous explosive, which can stick to the surface of any object - including enemies. Once this explosive has latched on, it explodes, causing devastating shrapnel damage.

This new Bright Memory: Infinite trailer also features a boss battle from later on in the game. The player takes on the “Mysterious Masked Man” before facing off with the Tian Yu Emperor. The player must race to the top of the mountain and use their grapple to latch onto a crashing airplane in order to reach the Hanging City, which is suspended by the immense gravity of the black hole.

Bright Memory: Infinite launches on PC and Xbox Series X|S in 2021. It will arrive later on PlayStation 5. Owners of the Xbox Series X|S version of Bright Memory will receive a discount when purchasing Bright Memory: Infinite, whereas owners of the PC version will receive a free upgrade for Bright Memory: Infinite.

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