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Published on 12 Jul 2021, 23:18
What's happening after Spider-Man: No Way Home? It seems actress Zendaya isn't too sure. While speaking to E! News, the MJ actress was asked what it was like to reunite with the cast and get back into the swing of things in Spider-Man 3. You may remember that the two studios, Marvel and Sony, underwent a new pact that would see them both co-producing Spider-Man 3 at a 75/25 split. With that, the renewed deal also includes one more Tom Holland Spider-Man appearance in a future Marvel Studios movie in the MCU, with Spiderman: No Way Home completely satisfying Tom Holland's contract obligations with Sony. If Kevin Feige and company feel there are more Spidey tales to spin after this, we'll likely see the return of Holland and the No Way Home cast. But with rumors of the Spiderverse being explored in the upcoming film, maybe a new Spider-Man might be picking up the web slingers moving forward?

We'll have to wait for that Spiderman No Way Home trailer to drop! Spiderman 3 No Way Home is shaping up to be quite the outing. In other Marvel news, actor David Harbour seems to be in love with his character from Black Widow! So much so, he's got two solo movie ideas for the Red Guardian locked and loaded. In an interview with Insider, Harbour threw out two ideas for the hero - one where Red Guardian is back in his prime, throwing back to the heyday of the character, and another one involving Hawkeye and Red Guardian. And finally, Lego recently tweeted out of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

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