Steam Deck Designer Clears Up Frame Rate Confusion - IGN Daily Fix

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Published on 26 Jul 2021, 22:25
In today's Daily Fix, Valve has cleared up some confusion regarding their upcoming Steam Deck. Previous comments from Valve have said that they were targeting 30 frames per second in games run on the handheld. Now they're clarifying that what they meant was 30 FPS was the baseline for the console, and that players will have the option to choose between battery life and framerate. That's great news for gamers concerned over games' performance on the Steam Deck. In other news, if you've been wanting to own a piece of gaming history, like, oh say, the Nintendo World Championship cartridge from 1990, but balked at the $200k asking price, well have we got news for you. Investors can now own percentages of the cartridge, much like how you can own fractions of shares or crypto. And finally, the indie hit Death's Door has surpassed 100,000 players—fantastic news for a game developed by only six people. Congrats!

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