How To Increase PS5 Storage - IGN Daily Fix

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Published on 29 Jul 2021, 23:46
In today's Daily Fix, Sony will finally let you upgrade the internal storage in the PlayStation 5. A new firmware update is coming that will allow you to install a new m.2 SSD inside. But that's not all the update is bringing: trophy tracking support, slightly tweaked UI, and 3D audio for speakers. That's right, the fancy sound tech that enhances your listening experience via headphones will soon work for your external speakers, as well. PlayStation users who signed up for the beta program can actually try some of these now by downloading the update. For the rest of us, well it won't be too long. In the meantime, check out IGN Deals on Twitter for sales on SSDs compatible with the PS5. On the PC gaming side of things, we have some bad news. Select Alienware Aurora gaming rigs will not ship to certain states because of new power consumption requirements. Apparently these PCs are too power-hungry for some state regulations. And finally, Nintendo is updating Pokémon Snap on Switch with three new areas filled with 20 new pokémon. Get snapping! It's your Daily Fix!

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