6 Playable Cultures in Humankind

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Published on 21 Aug 2021, 17:00
Humankind is the new era-spanning strategy title from developer, Amplitude Studios. Featuring 60 playable cultures across 6 eras, each one comes with their own unique traits and playstyle. From the Ming dynasty to modern day America, here’s a closer look at 6 playable cultures in Humankind. Sponsored by SEGA.

Throughout Humankind as players progress through eras they are given the choice to pick a new culture. Each culture is associated with one of seven affinities: Aesthete, Militarist, Expansionist, Builder, Agrarian, Merchant and Scientist which dictate their general playstyle and grant them an affinity action and affinity bonus. Cultures also have unique emblematic quarters to place in cities and emblematic units to add to their army’s ranks. Legacy traits are bonuses that reward you for picking that culture and stay with you even after you’ve moved into another era. After earning one era star in the Neolithic Era players move on to the Ancient Era, followed by, Classical Era, Medieval Era, Early Modern Era, Industrial Era and Contemporary Era.
Developed by Amplitude Studios, Humankind is out now on PC.

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