gamescom 2021 Livestream: Awesome Indies Show & Exclusive Reveals | Day 2

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Published on 26 Aug 2021, 23:44
gamescom 2021 live stream Day 2 includes the Awesome Indies Show along with more trailers and reveals debuting exclusively on IGN. The show runs from 10am-4pm PT.

Times subject to change*

Vizor Games — Blood of Heroes Exclusive Trailer and Developer Interview
Passion Republic Games - GigaBash Official Trailer
10:30am PDT / 7:30pm CEST

Unannounced Developer Interview
Unannounced Developer Interview
11:00am PDT / 8:00pm CEST

Techland – Dying Light 2 Stay Human — Dying 2 Know Gamescom Edition
11:30am - 1pm PDT / 8:30pm CEST - 10:00pm CEST: Awesome Indies

Gamescom: Awesome Indies will focus on hotly awaited indie titles, hosted once again by IGN’s own Michael Swaim, who will present all the exclusive reveals, comedy bits, and other surprises direct from Venice Beach. Don’t miss all the fun featuring over 40 games from the indie scene, including:

Announcements and Reveals

Big Sugar – Exclusive Unannounced Game Reveal
Team17 – Exclusive Reveal
Goblinz Studio – Exclusive Unannounced Game Reveal
Batterystaple Games – Exclusive 30XX Reveal
Digerati – Exclusive Unannounced Game Reveal
Mechanistry – Exclusive Timberborn Reveal
VestGames – Eville Showcase and Ghost Gameplay Reveal
Goblinz Publishing – Exclusive Unannounced Game Reveal
Gato Salvaje Studio – Exclusive The Waylanders Release Date Reveal
Townscaper – Secret Townscaper Announcement
Deep Dives and Walkthroughs

Hooded Horse and Stutter Fox Studios – Falling Frontier Exclusive Developer Overview
Frontier Developments – FAR: Changing Tides Developer Deep Dive
Soda Den & Crytivo – Roots of Pacha Gameplay Walkthrough
Trailer Premieres

Draw Distance – Serial Cleaners Full Characters Reveal Trailer
Modern Wolf – Cantata Exclusive Gameplay Trailer
Whisper Interactive – Squadron 51 Official Trailer Reveal
ZelArt and HypeTrain Digital – There is No Light Exclusive Release Trailer Reveal
Catchweight Studio – CONSCRIPT Exclusive Extended Trailer
Hatinh Interactive – Exclusive Tandem A Tale of Shadows Gamescom Trailer
Whisper Interactive – tERRORbane Official Trailer Reveal
You Suck at Parking – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer
Klabater – The Amazing American Circus Exclusive Trailer
Tentworks Interactive – City Block Builder Trailer
Flazm and META Publishing – Time Loader Exclusive Trailer Reveal
Rock&Bushes – Jupiter Moons: Mecha Gameplay Trailer
Proxy Studios – ZEPHON Exclusive Teaser Trailer
Serenity Forge – Gameplay Trailer for Arcadian Atlas
Koch Media – Exclusive Dice Legacy Launch Trailer
Redhill Games – Nine to Five Exclusive Announcement Trailer
Eremite Games – Against the Storm Official Release Date Trailer
Big Pants – Endlight Exclusive Trailer
Goblinz Publishing – Diluvian Winds Gameplay Trailer
Vixa Games – The Crackpet Show Gameplay Trailer
eBrain Studio and Yooreka Studio – Loopmancer Gameplay Trailer
Young Wolf Interactive – Nura's Wish Gameplay Trailer
1:00pm PDT / 10:00pm CEST — Gamescom Studio

OverBorder Studio and Team17 – Thymesia Exclusive Release Date Reveal
Prehistoric Kingdom – Beta Announcement Trailer
Elysium Game Studio – Exclusive Shadow of Conspiracy Section 2 Gameplay Reveal Trailer
Pixile and Modus Games — Super Animal Royale Deep Dive
Unannounced Game Developer Walkthrough
1:30pm PDT / 10:30pm CEST

505 Games and Kunos Simulazioni – Exclusive Reveal
Koch Media – The Last Oricru World Premier Trailer
Toukana Interactive and Dorfromantik – Exclusive Creative Mode Reveal
Reply Game Studios and Modus Games – Soulstice Developer Interview
2:00pm PDT / 11:00pm CEST

META Publishing and Owlcat Games – Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Exclusive Trailer Reveal
Toplitz Productions and Rendercube – Medieval Dynasty Developer Walkthrough
OTA IMON Studios – Wolfstride Gameplay Walkthrough
Creative Assembly – Mythos - A Total War Saga: Troy Trailer and Developer Interview
2:30pm PDT / 11:30pm CEST

Weird Beluga Studio – Clid The Snail Release Trailer
3:30pm PDT / 12:30am CEST August 27th — Next-Gen Console Watch Live

Join Game Scoop!’s Daemon Hatfield, Beyond!’s Jonathon Dornbush, and Unlocked’s Ryan McCaffrey as they dive into all the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S announcements coming out of Gamescom 2021.

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