My Hero Academia Season 5 Finale Teases the Meta Liberation Army Arc - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

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Published on 20 Sep 2021, 23:50
The My Hero Academia season 5 has been a wild ride for Deku and the rest of the students in UA High. We’ve finally made it to one of the most anticipated story MHA arcs in the My Hero Academia anime series: The Meta Liberation Army arc, which will see both the pro-heroes and the students of UA High going up against the Meta Liberation Army. The latest preview for My Hero Academia season 5, episode 25, entitled ‘The High, Deep Blue Sky’, gives us a sneak peak at what MHA fans can expect as they prepare for all-out war against Shigaraki and the entire Liberation Army. The final episode of My Hero Academia season 5 brings us back to the heroes’ perspective in the anime, where we’ll be filled in on what the good guys were up to during the ‘My Villain Academia’ story arc. While we wait for a My Hero Academia season 6 release date, we can look forward to My Hero Academia season 5 finale really bringing the heat! #MyHeroAcademia #Anime #IGN In other anime-related news, Entertainment Weekly snagged an exclusive image of Netflix’s upcoming Cowboy Bebop live-action series, giving us another look at John Cho’s Spike. And finally, The Flash movie Director Andy Muschietti keeps the hints coming with every Instagram post these days. The director posted this pic of what appears to be Micheal Keaton’s Batman costume spray painted red with the Flash logo in the middle. Odd as it looks, we may have an idea about what this could be teasing. A lot of fans are speculating that it might be a reference to the villainous Red Death.

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