Even Rockstar Seems to Be Leaking the GTA Trilogy Remasters - IGN Daily Fix

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Published on 5 Oct 2021, 23:34
In today's Daily Fix, the GTA trilogy remastered collection is one step closer to release, as evidenced by the Rockstar Launcher being updated with a bunch of references to the trilogy. Also, the code mentions 'unreal', which is likely related to previous reports that GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas were being ported to the Unreal Engine. Crazy thing is, Rockstar hasn't even announced these games yet. However, they have been taking down HD mods for those games recently, which is probably because they're about to sell you their own HD remasters and obviously don't want you getting them for free with simple mods. Anyway, we'll probably hear something official from Rockstar very soon. The final Smash Bros. fighter has been revealed and it's none other than Kingdom Hearts' Sora. Congrats to all the KH fans out there, as this was a long time coming. Sora will fit in nicely with Samus, Banjo, Kazooie, Marth, and the whole gang, but hopefully he leaves all that confusing Kingdom Hearts lore behind him; don't want that clouding up the obviously deep and rich lore of Super Smash Bros. And finally, PS4 and Xbox One players will be entitled to a free next-gen upgrade of Battlefield 2042 if they buy the regular, basic-ass digital edition of the game. No need to buy any extra-expensive version, just the base game. HOWEVER, and this is very important, last-gen console players will need to buy the NEXT-GEN VERSION of the game, and you'll get the last-gen version for free. Just so there's no confusion, we'll say it again. If you plan on playing Battlefield 2042 on a Playstation 4 or Xbox One and you want the option to play it on next-gen if/when you get a new console, you need to buy the next-gen digital version of Battlefield 2042. That next-gen copy will come with the last-gen version. You get both.

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