Injustice: How Superman's Failure Broke the DC Universe | DC FanDome 2021

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Published on 16 Oct 2021, 16:00
The DC multiverse is full of parallel versions of Earth vibrating in cosmic harmony. In many of these universes, one key event happens differently, causing a chain reaction that results in a world very unlike the DC Universe we know and love. That's certainly the case with the universe of Injustice: Gods Among Us. This world has become a hellish dystopia, and it's all because of Superman's failure. It turns out even the Man of Steel has some major blemishes on his record.

Now that the Injustice animated movie is here, it's time to explore how the worst day of Superman's life is the catalyst for one of the most fascinating alternate DC Universes of them all, with some input from the two stars of the film, Justin Hartley, who plays Superman, and Anson Mount, who plays Batman.

The Injustice movie tells the origin story of how this version of Superman became a global dictator, with only Batman and his allies willing to stand against him. The world of Injustice is more or less identical to the regular DCU until one fateful day when Joker and Harley Quinn pay a visit to Metropolis. As Joker explains, he's tired of losing to Batman, so he decides to make Superman's life miserable for a change. Joker pulls his most terrible prank of all, tricking Superman into thinking he's being attacked by Doomsday. Only after dragging his opponent into orbit does the Man of Steel realize he's actually been fighting his wife Lois. When Lois and her unborn child die, that triggers a massive bomb that annihilates Metropolis. In one fell swoop, Superman loses it all.

For more on how this set-up leads Superman to break the DC Universe, watch the full video!

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