Halo Infinite's New Campaign Trailer Shows Off Outpost Gameplay - IGN Daily Fix

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Published on 26 Oct 2021, 0:17
On today's IGN The Fix: Games, A new video detailing the Halo Infinite campaign has revealed brand new footage of the Master Chief's next mission, as well as an introduction to his new AI and some of the activities that can be completed. Halo Infinite's campaign - which 343 Industries claims is the biggest Halo campaign to date - is set on the Zeta Halo, an open world Halo ring where the Banished, a splinter faction from the Covenant, led by the Brutes, have settled. They've been building outposts, which can be found on your travels and taken out, akin to similar outposts in open-world games like Far Cry. In the video, we can see Chief finding an outpost - named Ransom Keep - and scanning it for weak points. He then uses a rocket launcher to detonate a large silo, suggesting each outpost may have different ways of shutting them down. This is part of 343's intention to offer "more freedom to take down the Banished". As February's release of Horizon: Forbidden West draws nearer, Guerrilla has updated fans on some of the new abilities that players will be able to utilize across combat and exploration in the game, including a grapple and glider, as well as some fun new combat techniques. In a post focusing on traversal published on the PlayStation Blog, Guerrilla spoke further about some of the new tools that players will have, as well as factors that have influenced Forbidden West's new combat decisions. Lead Systems Designer David McMullen explained that a new high vault mechanic "essentially allows Aloy to hoist herself on top of any object of jumpable height with room to pull up. Combined with the ability to free climb and adding grapples to our environment, the potential for exploration is greatly increased." And it's all presented by Riders Republic!

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