Tomb Raider (2013) Developers React to 54 Minute Speedrun

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Published on 30 Oct 2021, 15:30
Watch along with two members of the Tomb Raider (2013) dev team as they watch and react to a speedrun of their franchise reboot!

Developers featured in the commentary for this reaction are Matthew Gaston (Senior Software Engineer) and Jeff Wajcs (Level Designer).

Check out more from speedrunner Cadarev here:

Tomb Raider (2013) was a ground-up revival of an all-time classic franchise. In this reboot Lara Croft had to learn how to survive on her own after being shipwrecked on a dangerous island. Featuring all new gameplay systems, Tomb Raider was both a technical showpiece and a brand new vision for the series at the time, that then continued with Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

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