Red Notice Review

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Published on 4 Nov 2021, 6:00
Red Notice debuts in theaters on Nov. 5 and on Netflix Nov. 12. Spoiler-free review by Tara Bennett.

Red Notice starts with a lot of energetic potential but then devolves into a pastiche of other, better films, cribbing scenes that feel like they were lifted straight from a myriad of films from Indiana Jones to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Of the three mega-star leads, Dwayne Johnson acquits himself the best to committing to his FBI profiler as more of a brainy hero rather than just brawn, and it works. Reynolds exists as a quip machine who gets tiresome quick, while Gadot feels like she's barely in it. While this may be positioned as a new franchise, there's nothing here that sets up any urgency or excitement to go on more adventures with this trio.

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