Cowboy Bebop Season 1: Divisive Finale Explained | Canon Fodder

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Published on 20 Nov 2021, 15:15
Based on the iconic anime, Cowboy Bebop is now jamming as a live-action series on Netflix. The new series honors the Cowboy Bebop anime while also blazing its own trail all the way to an ending that seems to have fan reactions split. The Cowboy Bebop ending seems to differ from the one presented in the Cowboy Bebop anime. So if you're looking for a full Cowboy Bebop breakdown, join IGN host Max Scoville for Cannon Fodder and the full Cowboy Bebop ending explained and finale explained for a deep look at the Cowboy Bebop finale.

The series can be found on Netflix 2021 and ever since the Cowboy Bebop trailer, fans have wondered how the Netflix anime series would honor classic Cowboy Bebop storylines. With Cowboy Bebop, Netflix is building on the existing lore while also adding new elements to Netflix Cowboy Bebop. The series chronicles the adventures of the Bebop crew: Spike Speigel (played by John Cho), Jet Black, Faye Valentine, and their canine friend Ein along with other members of the Cowboy Bebop cast. Cowboy Bebop Vicious Julia and Cowboy Bebop Syndicate could also be search terms so what the heck let's throw them in there too.

See you, Space Cowboy....

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