Midnight Mass' Hamish Linklater Reacts to Winning IGN's Best Performance in a TV Series Award

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Published on 14 Dec 2021, 18:53
In a year full of unknown variables and unprecedented loss, a whole swath of talent showed up to ensure the rest of us had stories to escape to. Some stellar performances were showcased in 2021, but as the Highlander once said, there can be only one, and so our winner for the Best Performance in a TV Series in 2021 is Hamish Linklater for Netflix's Midnight Mass. The star of the show delivered an acceptance speech for the award, and you can watch that right here!

It's hard to think of anyone who could've nailed the complicated Father Paul role quite like Hamish Linklater. When he enters Midnight Mass as a mysterious and charismatic priest, we're immediately drawn to him -- and it's that same charisma that makes his entire journey impossible to turn away from. As Father Paul varies from empathetic community leader to intense religious warrior, it's an undeniably challenging role, but Linklater masterfully juggles all those layers to make for one of the most unforgettable displays of 2021. Here's hoping Linklater becomes a permanent member of Mike Flanagan's "Flanagang," because we could watch a lot more of these complex and chilling performances.

Watch the video for Hamish Linklater's full acceptance speech.