IGN's Game of the Year 2021

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Published on 17 Dec 2021, 17:00
Every year we look back and pick our favorite games of the year. In 2021, we got the highly-anticipated sequels to beloved, as well as bold, imaginative new games that make us fall in love with games all over again. But only one could stand among the rest to be crowned IGN's Game of the Year 2021. In a hotly competitive field filled with incredible games, IGN is proud and honored to award the best game honors to one particularly incredible ride.

IGN's Game of the Year 2021 is...Playground Games and Microsoft's Forza Horizon 5.

Some people play Forza Horizon 5 for its gorgeous scenery or accurate vehicles. Some play it for its online community and competitive races. Others are into making detailed custom designs or completing challenges. Still, others like to drive cars off cliffs. The brilliance of Forza Horizon 5 is the way in which it welcomes and embraces every one of these types of people by presenting enough roadway for them to drive on for miles. Its adoring rendition of Mexico is beautiful from coast to jungle, from city to desert, peppered with ever-changing weather and real-world details that make driving through it all - which is a lot! - a joy.

There are endless things to do either alone or offline with others, which might seem overwhelming if Forza Horizon 5 weren't utterly relaxed about what you accomplished, when, and how quickly. Forza's equally happy with you improving your race times as it is with you driving as fast as you can up and down a beach to the tune of Water Music Suite No. 2 in D Major. It's a physics toybox of lovingly made cars, indestructible, pristine, and ripe for collecting, racing, or smashing into one another for as long as you like. And that is why we are honored to award Forza Horizon 5, Playground's latest in the open-world driving franchise, IGN's GotY 2021 award.

Congratulations to Forza Horizon 5, as well as the rest of our amazing nominees!

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