WORLD’s FASTEST 1440p Esports Monitors – Powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC

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Published on 4 Jan 2022, 21:00
NVIDIA introduces another industry first – esports displays at 1440p/360Hz:

The demand for esports displays has been doubling each year. With today’s high-end GeForce RTX GPUs rendering esports games above 360 FPS at 1440p - the industry is primed for a change. Today, we are taking esports to the next level with a new category of esports displays -- 1440p, 27” G-SYNC and up to 360Hz with new Esports Vibrance and the Reflex Latency Analyzer. These displays are also Dual-Format, allowing gamers the option to play at 1080p, 25”. With new G-SYNC Esports Displays at 1440p and 360Hz, gamers can play their best with zero compromise. The future of esports monitors is here with new displays available soon from AOC, ASUS, MSI, and ViewSonic.

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