Nobody Saves the World - Late-Game Gameplay

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Published on 12 Jan 2022, 14:00
Ahead of Nobody Saves the World's debut on Xbox and PC on January 18 (including on Xbox Game Pass), IGN can exclusively debut late-game gameplay from Drinkbox Studios' new game. Two developers from Drinkbox highlight Nobody Saves the World's unique form- and power-swapping gameplay, and how mixing and matching powers can work via online co-op much later in the game, via this new gameplay.

Drinkbox showcases the Path of Doom in this new NSTW demo, a series of arenas that players need to complete to get to one of Nobody Saves the World's later overworld areas, as well as the Ancient Mine and more. Highlights include a look at high-level gameplay using forms like the Necromancer and Robot, how their powers work and how they can interact, and how fighting in Nobody Saves the World's later gameplay can differ from early areas seen in past demos. You'll also get to meet some of the Thieves Guild, one of the three guilds that will be a source of sidequests players will encounter in Nobody Saves the World. Players will be able to switch among over 15 Forms in the full game, mixing and matching more than 80 abilities, some of which can be seen in this new late-game gameplay, while embarking on a quest to save the world, leveling up your Forms, and more.

Nobody Saves the World is set to be released on January 18 on Xbox consoles including Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One, as well as PC. Drinkbox's new game will be available via Game Pass and includes an online multiplayer co-op for players on the same platform ecosystem.

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