Rainbow 6 Extraction Review

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Published on 19 Jan 2022, 11:00
Rainbow 6 Extraction reviewed by Luke Winkie on PC. Also available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia. Narration by Max Scoville.

Rainbow Six Extraction is one of the boldest games in recent Ubisoft history. Not only does it exchange the series' staid military realism for a wonderfully grotesque universe of oozing, parasitic incursion, it also introduces a slew of mechanics determined to make us fear death. Returning to the scene of a failed mission in a desperate attempt to pry a friend's body from the festering horde is legitimately one of the most exhilarating operations I've ever attempted in a co-op video game. But Extraction's premise wore on me quickly, and its set of recurring objectives, while well designed, didn't offer quite enough intrigue to keep me excited about coming back for as long as some other similar games. As a result, Extraction resembles a generous, well-executed expansion pack rather than a brand-new game.