The Yellow Wallpaper - Official Trailer (2022) Alexandra Loreth, Joe Mullins, Clara Hart

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Published on 29 Mar 2022, 12:00
Check out the trailer for The Yellow Wallpaper, an upcoming movie that stars Alexandra Loreth, Joe Mullins, Clara Hart, and Jeanne O'Connor.

Jane, a writer and young mother, is prescribed a rest treatment by her physician husband John, who takes her to a remote country estate for the summer. She becomes obsessed with the peculiar yellow wallpaper in the bedroom he has chosen for her. In her isolation, she secretly writes about a woman trapped in the wallpaper-that she must free. The film is written by Alexandra Loreth and Kevin Pontuti, and directed by Pontuti. The movie is a contemporary adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's gothic feminist horror story about patriarchy and mental health.

The Yellow Wallpaper arrives on digital platforms on March 29, 2022.

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