Will HBO Max Cost More Because of the Discovery/WarnerMedia Merger? - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

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Published on 16 Apr 2022, 0:00
At $43 billion dollars, the Discovery Inc. and WarnerMedia merger is solidified, with the two companies taking aim at closing the streaming gap between themselves and the competition. But what does this new merger mean? Will the Discovery/WB merger raise the price of HBO Max? So the question here is, will you stick with #HBOMax if there’s a price increase due to the WB/Discovery merger? If they play the game right, similar to how we’ve seen with Netflix over the years, they’ll have small incremental price increases over time. Continuing on with the merger conversation, WB/Discovery CEO David Zaslav also wants to bring new life to DC properties and overhaul what’s been brewing in the pot. And finally, out with Ezra and in with Grant, as fans are demanding the CW star replace his silverscreen counterpart as The Flash.