GTA 5 Next-Gen Patch Adds Highly-Requested Improvements - The Daily Fix

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Published on 26 Apr 2022, 23:51
With a GTA 6 release date nowhere in sight, Rockstar has released a new patch for GTA 5 on next-gen consoles, adding quite a few tweaks to the game for PS5 and Series X and S owners. The official patch notes available on Rockstar’s website lists a number of improvements and fixes, such as a Motion Blur option slider to toggle the feature on and off, and shortened transitional time while in Story Mode in GTA Online. There are numerous other fixes for content issues in #GTAV, audio issues in #GTA5, and many other features and improvements. Some players also pointed out next-gen files were added to PC, but are currently empty. This has left many online to speculate when these new enhancements might find its way to PC. Moving on to Sony, PlayStation is starting a new team to keep those old IPs alive. PlayStation’s newly appointed Senior Build Engineer took to Twitter to express his excitement joining the company’s Preservation team. And finally, Netflix is getting into the gaming business with Netflix games releasing about 50 games by the end of 2022.

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