ER Doctor Reacts to Until Dawn Best Deaths

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Published on 10 Jun 2022, 11:00
Watch an ER Doctor react to Until Dawn best death scenes! We got Emergency Doctor, Navin Leanage, to look at the most gruesome, and gory best Until Dawn death scenes in Supermassive Games' popular horror game as he shares his expert medical opinion on whether these Until Dawn characters would be doomed in real life.

Just how realistic are the Until Dawn death scenes? In this compilation, Navin will be breaking down all sorts of life-threatening Until Dawn injuries found in the game, from getting your finger caught in a bear trap, to having your eyes pierced with claws, falling to your death, and more! Sit back and brace yourself to see a doctor react to video game injuries.

00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Until Dawn Deadly Fall
01:46 - Until Dawn Body/Head Trauma
03:51 - Until Dawn Sawed In Half
05:46 - Until Dawn Finger Amputation
07:25 - Until Dawn Pierced Eye Socket
08:28 - Until Dawn Crushed Skull
09:37 - Final Thoughts

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