Once Human Developer Interview

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Published on 11 Jun 2022, 19:35
IGN sat down with Victoria Peng, Senior Game Designer on Once Human, to break down everything players can expect in the world of Once Human. Once Human is a new weird survival sandbox game.

In Once Human you'll explore a post apocalyptic world and struggle to survive insurmountable odds as you fight off otherworldly threats and your fellow man, Scavenge the stardust-polluted lands for resources by cutting down trees for wood, planting crops, and earn your next meal by hunting wild animals. Use those supplies and other loot to create or upgrade weapons, equipment, and vehicles. And while you're out restoring civilization, take the time to work on yourself. Once Human's memetic and cradle systems that allow you to further personalize your character to suit your play style. You're going to need every advantage you can get in your battle against the aberrant ones in PVE modes like the Great Ones Challenge, dungeon raids, and plenty of other open world tasks.

Those looking to compete with other players can participate in the Stronghold contest to compete for resources in different areas of the game. Or take part in the Impasse Exploration, Once Human's PvEvP mode where you'll contend against aberrant creatures and other human players for the ultimate test of strength.

In partnership with NetEase Games.

Closed Beta Test will open in September: oncehuman.game
Facebook: facebook.com/OnceHuman-1087317...
Twitter: twitter.com/OnceHuman_
Discord: discord.gg/oncehuman