Sonic Origins - The First 18 Minutes of Gameplay on PS5

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Published on 21 Jun 2022, 19:34
Check out the first 18 minutes of Sonic Origins gameplay. This is Sonic Origins PS5 gameplay and we've captured a bit of each game including the new cinematics.

We decided to collect a short piece from each game including Sonic 1 gameplay, Sonic 2 Gameplay, Sonic & Knuckles gameplay, and Sonic CD gameplay into one video. Each title in the Sonic Origins gameplay has been remastered for release. For Sonic 1 gameplay we focus on the first few levels of the game collecting the new Sonic Origins Cinematics for this one, and each game shown in the collection. Sonic Origins Sonic 2 gameplay is the same. Sonic Origins Sonic 3 gameplay or Sonic & Knuckles gameplay features through the first boss. Finally, Sonic Origins Sonic CD gameplay includes the new cinematics and the original intro sequence of Sonic CD including the audio track that was previously unavailable in some versions of the game. This Sonic Origins gameplay collection is a great compilation of all the sonic games.

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