The First 18 Minutes of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gameplay

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Published on 30 Jun 2022, 7:00
In this video we hunt our way through the first 18 minutes of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on Nintendo Switch. The newest expansion of Capcom's latest game in the Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter Rise. Check out our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak gameplay hunt of Daimyo Hermitaur with our Palico, Palamute and fellow Hunter. Sunbreak is the newest Monster Hunter expansion and here we show MHR gameplay on Nintendo Switch.

00:00 Sunbreak Start
01:58 Urgent: Uninvited Guest
02:08 Cutscene
03:05 Uninvited Guest Start
04:00 Daimyo Hermitaur Fight Start
14:25 Lunagaron Cutscene

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