Eiichiro Oda Finally Discusses One Piece Final Arc - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

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Published on 15 Jul 2022, 23:32
Eiichiro Oda breaks down his expectations for the One Piece final saga, and what One Piece fans can expect from the manga’s upcoming story arc. #OnePiece has been widely popular for years, and with Oda finally revealing plans after the Wano Arc we can rest assured that we’ll likely discover what awaits in One Piece and the Grand Line. In other news, coming off the back of their latest movie, Beavis and Butthead are headed back to the couch for a revival series. After doing the universe, it looks like the duo will be doing a streaming show on Paramount Plus, August 4th. And finally, we give you the lowdown on what to expect from IGN at SDCC 2022.

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