Resident Evil 2, 3 & 7 Remake Update: Performance Review

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Published on 25 Jul 2022, 19:44
Capcom's RE Engine has been a revelation on the PS4 and Xbox One generation. Offering 60fps and high quality visuals, now it improves that further.

Thanks to a free patch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, the Resident Evil 2 remake update adds Ray Tracing or 120fps which improves the visual quality. The Resident Evil 3 remake update also includes the same new modes which improve visuals or input response. Finally, the oldest title here in Resident Evil 7 update includes the same new modes, with mixed results. We dive into the Resident Evil Ray Tracing Patch update across the trio of current generation machines to see how the Ray Tracing update and 120fps update works and which mode is best.

0:00 Intro
0:32 Games updated and what is new
1:27 Resident Evil VII
7:47 Resident Evil 2: Remake
13:57 Resident Evil 3: Remake

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