Sword Expert Reacts To Game of Thrones | Battle of the Bastards

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Published on 26 Jul 2022, 11:00
Watch a sword expert react to Games of Thrones Battle of the Bastards. How realistic is this iconic fight between the armies of Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton? We got all around sword, HEMA and battle expert, Matt Easton, to look at this GoT battle and break down just how realistic it really is. Check out this detailed Game of Thrones sword fight analysis as Matt breaks down some of Game of Thrones best scenes, and discusses the Game of Thrones weapons.

From telling us how Game of Thrones Wun Wun The Giant could've been used better, to the total lack of soldiers wearing protective armour, and more, prepare to learn all about Game of Thrones realisim, and whether or not this epic battle between two armies really holds up.

0:00 - Intro
0:30 - The Armies
2:12 - Game of Thrones Armour
3:33 - Wun Wun The Giant
5:23 - Zigzag!
6:14 - Jon Snow vs. An Army Scene
7:21 - Friendly Fire
8:34 - Shield Wall
10:45 - Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Scene
12:32 - Final Thoughts

Matt Easton is a Historical European Martial Artist, Antique Arms Dealer, and owner of the fencing club Schola Gladiatoria. If you're eager for more Game of Thrones, you won't have to wait long for House of the Dragon, which is set to premiere on HBO Max on August 21, 2022.

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