The Best Xbox Series X/S Controllers - Budget to Best

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Published on 31 Jul 2022, 13:15
Sure, Xbox’s own controllers are fantastic, but sometimes, they don’t always offer what we’re looking for when buying another one. Whether it be a simple, cheap alternative second controller for when friends and family come over, or maybe finding something with a much more premium feel and customization options, there’s a whole lot of other options we can pick from!

Yes, we know the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is among some of the best controllers ever made, but in this episode of Budget to Best, we’re taking a look at some of the alternatives for best 3rd party controllers for Xbox Series we think you’d love, no matter what your budget. 

PowerA Enhanced Wired:
Razer Wolverine V2:
Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro:
Scuf Instinct Pro: