16 hours 1:50
Local councils would have handled it better
£25 billion‼️ and counting‼️ That is the cost so far of the 'track and trace' fiasco in the UK. Could this be the biggest act of corruption from any British government, ever?
18 hours 3:48
Support the GMB British Gas strike action!
GMB members in British Gas have announced five more days of strike action over the company’s fire and rehire pay cuts.
1 day 1:29
Reject the liberal identity politics sideshow!
Judge them by the content of their character, not by the colour of their skin – and they will ALL be found wanting.
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1 day 1:17
Epstein’s address book still roaming the corridors of power
Seventy-five million Americans are not happy with “business as usual”, which sleepy Joe is desperate to return to. Globalising warmongering criminals can’t keep getting away with it.
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2 days 1:41
The truth about mainstream media wonder boy Navalny
The support for Alexei Navalny among the mainstream media should put a shudder down the spine of most right-minded people, including the modern left.
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2 days 1:07:45
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2 days 2:11
Support the striking British Gas workers!
"The union is our members, it's not people like me". Hazel Nolan of the GMB union discusses the solidarity among members leading up to the series of British Gas strikes starting TODAY.
3 days 2:00
What the effects of fire and rehire would mean to this worker, his family, and British Gas customers
Workers Party activist Jason interviews a British Gas worker, who explains how for him it's not so much about the money, but how the inferior contract would affect quality time with his family, and
3 days 1:31
Margaret Thatcher's act of blasphemy!
Britain has endured 40 years of successive Labour and Conservative rule, based on Thatcher's mantra 'There is no such thing as society'.
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3 days 1:21
If the Tory party was a building it’d resemble Fawlty Towers
The slapstick comedy routine of our current government's handling of the #coronavirus would be hilarious if not for the lives being lost, businesses destroyed and livelihoods decimated.
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3 days 0:56
Fight with us for a better 2021
2020 was a dreadful year for the vast majority of us. George and the Workers Party wishes you all the best for this new year.
4 days 1:27
Feel inspired like Workers Party member Helen
Helen feels inspired. We've already had scores of zoom open and members meetings, which have inspired thousands of others to join us too.
4 days 1:19
As a society we should be taking responsibility for each other
We believe that members of a society should have responsibility towards other members of that society. Other people's children, elderly mothers and fathers should be our collective responsibility.
4 days 0:50
We need to explore other social media platforms
#WorkersPartyGB member Alexandros discusses the need to look at other social media platforms, following the way in which many of the big hitters have purged accounts; culminating in the cancelling
4 days 1:33
Support the British Gas Workers
Hazel Nolan of the GMB Union discusses with George Galloway on MoatsTV, the appalling fire and rehire practices #BritishGas are metering out to its employees, and what she and the workers are doing
4 days 1:04
Limiting freedom of speech requires seeking alternatives
We must make it clear to the big tech companies, that if they continue to limit freedom of speech, we are prepared to use alternative social media platforms that are not owned by the giants of
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5 days 3:05:41
The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 83
GEORGE GALLOWAY | And the Mother Of All Talk Shows. Tonight 7pm-10pm London time. Unmissable.
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5 days 0:44
Corona death toll higher than whole of WW2 civilians
The Corona Virus has killed more people here in less than a year, than number of civilians lost in whole six years of WW2. The blitz, the bombings; V1 and V2, were all dealt with staunchly.
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6 days 1:02
Johnson is a pound shop Churchill
At the outbreak of World War 2, we had Churchill to step up and form a government of considerable 'talents'. In our current crisis we have a 'pound shop' Churchill & a government with NO talents.
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6 days 0:59
The time is now for the Workers Party
The Worker's Party has come into being at a time when the governing class and the official opposition are equally unfit for purpose.
6 days 0:59
We don’t believe you because of your lies and incompetence
Why are we surprised that so many people refuse to follow basic health precautions, after year upon year of lies and deception?
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7 days 1:51
How can we explain the catastrophe of our Covid response?
The shambolic response of the Tories to the pandemic can only be explained by rampant corruption that has permeated our politics over the last 40 years.
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7 days 1:27
Their corruption & incompetence costs lives!
Key workers across Britain have been left unprotected throughout the pandemic. Coronavirus is not man-made but the crisis certainly is.
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8 days 1:59
CLASS CONSCIOUS | Louis from New York tells George there is a sea change in US politics coming
CLASS CONSCIOUS | Louis from New York tells George there is a sea change in US politics that the overwhelmingly white, better-educated Democrats simply fail to understand.
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8 days 1:31
Government responsible for huge amounts of unnecessary Covid-19 death and suffering.
1,564 people just died of Covid-19 here over a 24 hours period; many of whom desperately needed GP and hospital access they weren't afforded.
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8 days 52:10
One year on: The assassination of Soleimani and Muhandis | Kalima Horra on Al Mayadeen TV
One year on: The assassination of Soleimani and Muhandis | Kalima Horra on Al Mayadeen TV
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8 days 0:57
Watch our weekly Wednesday Workers Party meetings and get involved!
Yesterday was the start of the latest series of #WorkersPartyGB Zoom meetings lead by George, with contributions from party members.
9 days 1:00:59
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9 days 1:09
We had weeks to tackle an impending pandemic, but Johnson had other priorities….
When China warned us last January an epidemic was coming our way; when Italy was hit by unprecedented numbers of deaths, we had weeks where we could have taken decisive action.
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10 days 1:55
SO LONG US EXCEPTIONALISM | Anya Parampil on recent events in Washington DC
SO LONG US EXCEPTIONALISM | The events in Washington brought out racism in the US media commentariat, but will it finally shatter the myth that America is the greatest country on the planet?
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