1 day 1:41
Monsters Inc | Moats Ep 110
Jeffrey Epstein was a monster and a paedophile preying on the young girls his apprentice Ghislaine Maxwell provided. His death was suspicious.
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1 day 1:35
Swept Down The Highway | Moats Ep 110
It’s incontestable that there is global warming. The storms in Germany and Belgium with cars and people carried away is the latest proof. It’s happening in London.
2 days 1:15
Pass The Sickbag Piers | Moats Ep 110
The greatest proselytiser for lockdown, Piers Morgan, nearly died from Covid although he was double jabbed.
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2 days 1:44
It Has Been Hell | Moats Ep 110
Here in Britain, seeing out the Covid pandemic. Now, in England at least, most of the restrictions have been dropped after what was dubbed Freedom Day. But now vaccine passports may be introduced.
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4 days 0:36
Sex And Dregs And On The Payroll | Moats Ep 110
Ghislaine Maxwell was paid by Jeffrey Epstein to procure young girls, according to the charges against her. She’s just continuing in the murky family business.
4 days 1:10
Multifarious Crimes And Misdemeanours | Moats Ep 110
He didn’t just rob pensioners, Robert Maxwell was an MP for six years and chairman of the catering committee. No surprise then that he stole all the silverware and the fine wines.
5 days 1:14
Maxwell’s House Dog | Moats Ep 110
That was Alastair Campbell, who was paid by his master, Robert Maxwell – father of the misbegotten Ghislaine and the biggest thief of the 20th century – to defame me in his newspapers.
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5 days 0:40
The Devalued Gold Standard | Moats Ep 110
Why are we having an Olympic Games when no one can watch live in the stadia, the viewing of which is controlled by a US broadcaster which you have to pay for? In the middle of a Covid pandemic?
5 days 2:00
Don’t Medal | Moats Ep 110
I didn’t even know the Olympics were on. They are. Just not on mainstream TV because the Discovery Channel has outbid the BBC, which can only show one event at a time.
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5 days 1:50
Lie Lady Lie | Moats Ep 110
When I set out this morning from Scotland the sun was splitting the sky and in London it was a tsunami. Not often you can say that.
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6 days 3:03:16
The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 110
GEORGE GALLOWAY | And the Mother Of All Talk Shows. Tonight 7pm -10pm London time. Unmissable.
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8 days 0:54
Social Media Murder | Moats Ep 109
That’s what US President Joe Biden, (remember him?), accused Facebook of doing. How can you pin murder and mayhem on a platform?
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8 days 1:00
A Sink Of Misery | Moats Ep 109
That’s Haiti, which is what Cuba was in the 1950s and could have become again if not for the revolution led by Fidel Castro.
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9 days 0:56
A Vortex Of Violence | Moats Ep 109
More than 200 people have died in South Africa in the last few days, rioting in support of Jacob Zuma, the thief jailed for fleecing his country.
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9 days 1:04
Between The Hammer And The Anvil | Moats Ep 109
The first country Nelson Mandela visited as president was Cuba, because of the crucial part that country played in defeating apartheid.
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10 days 1:26
Havana Go | Moats Ep 109
The normalisation of relations between the United States and Cuba is over, although Joe Biden was the Vice-President under Obama, the president who authored it.
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10 days 1:28
We are not left, we are socialists
Leftism is liberalism; it's capitalism plus cycle lanes and rainbow flags, it’s capitalism speaking in a quiet voice so as not to frighten anybody, it's capitalism with the correct personal pronouns.
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10 days 1:03
Talking About A Revolution | Moats Ep 109
The Cuban one. Which is close to my heart. And obviously to the millions of people who came out on the streets of Havana to support it.
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11 days 0:38
Killing Kelly | Moats Ep 109
My new film about the unexplained death – until now – of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly is out. You’ll have to buy it to find out the whole truth but it is out there.
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11 days 12:33
George Galloway interviews Kim Ives about the chaos in Haiti
Haiti, the first country in the world to overthrow slavery, has been sinking for many years. All the metrics of a failed state are present there.
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11 days 0:52
Ground Control To Major Tom | Moats Ep 109
Some people still believe that the moon landing never happened, that it was shot in a Hollywood studio, perhaps directed by Stanley Kubrick or the CIA.
12 days 12:08
George Galloway interviews Renaissance Man Michael Knighton
In the first part of episode 393 on board the Sputknik, Gayatri and George interview Michael Knighton in the aftermath of the Euro final.
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13 days 3:05:11
The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 109
GEORGE GALLOWAY | And the Mother Of All Talk Shows. Tonight 7pm -10pm London time. Unmissable.
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16 days 1:35
George outlines the difference between socialist and capitalist production
A socialist economy would produce and buy what we need, or realistically could need; a private capitalist economy produces what is profitable.
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16 days 1:04
The Empire Has Been Struck Back | Moats Ep 108
Not once but three times in Afghanistan. I told Tony Blair that Alexander the Great, among others, couldn’t conquer it ‘and you sir are no Alexander the Great’.
11 124
17 days 0:49
Blood In The Sand | Moats Ep 108
Tony Blair’s minister for war, Dr John Reid, said that he hoped British soldiers could go to Helmand Province and come back without a single shot being fired.
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17 days 0:49
Home By Christmas | Moats Ep 108
That what Labour’s Foreign Secretary said on the eve of the Afghan misadventure. Not for ten Christmases hence I responded as they laughed. It turned out to be a massive under-estimation.
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18 days 0:59
Like A Thief In The Night | Moats Ep 108
The United States scuttled out of Afghanistan like it did out of Saigon, on planes and clinging to helicopters. Leaving the country to the obscurantists and head choppers they went in to take out.
3 309
18 days 1:24
The 25 year Iranian Chinese trade deal may have lasting consequences
China and Iran have often been considered the enemies of the west, so the trade deal between the two countries could have lasting ramifications.
7 564
18 days 1:25
Iran/China deal: Don't understimate the use of the word 'strategic'
George outlines how this is not explicitly a military alliance, but a trade deal benefitting the countries of Iran and China in a number of ways.
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