13 Nov 2011
7 days 21:11
Why I Sold My $700,000 House for Crypto (and Stocks)
About 10 months ago, I embarked on a journey to sell my house and focus on investing heavily into crypto and stocks. It's been a wild ride with market prices jumping all over the place.
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19 days 7:57
iPhone 14 Concrete Drop Test
Today we review how durable the iPhone 14 is with a durability drop test onto concrete. Enjoy!! Shoutout to Kevin for being such a cool dude.
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20 days 11:12
Why I Stopped Destroying iPhones on YouTube
This is the story my struggle as a creator, and my drive to overcome my fears and share my real story with the world. Thanks for watching.
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05.02.21 7:36
Galaxy S21 Durability Drop Test! FINALLY More Durable?
It's time for a Galaxy S21 drop test to see how durable it is this year! Shoutout to Geologie for sponsoring this episode!
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06.12.20 14:15
iPhone 12 Pro Max Review - 21 Days Later
The iPhone 12 Pro Max is one incredible phone, but is it worth the extra cost above the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro?
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12.11.20 9:33
Why iPhone 12 is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone 12 Pro
Deciding between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro this year shouldn't be hard this year!
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24.10.20 10:47
iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Drop Test - 4x More Drop Resistant?
The iPhone 12 is here with the Ceramic Shield with 4x more drop durability protection than the iPhone 11, or so Apple claims... Do these claims stand up in an actual drop test!
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15.10.20 12:35
iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 - Which iPhone Should You Buy?
The iPhone 12 is here, but the iPhone 11 is still in the Apple lineup and is now sold at discounted price--so should you buy the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12?
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14.10.20 14:09
iPhone 12 - Why Apple? Why?
The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are finally here! Why hasn't Apple removed the notch? Why is there still no in-screen fingerprint sensor? Why didn't they swap out the Lightning Port for USB-C?
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25.05.20 10:09
iPhone SE Durability Drop Test - Finally, a Truly Durable Budget Phone?
Today, we are testing Apple's iPhone SE is their latest iPhone for 2020 in a durability drop test to see how many drops it can survive! What do you think of the iPhone SE?
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10.04.20 10:36
Can Ping Pong Ball Really Destroy iPhone 11 Pro? (Vacuum Cannon)
The iPhone 11 Pro is an incredibly durable phone, so is it really possible that a ping pong ball shot out of a vacuum cannon could destroy it? Today, we are putting that to the test! Enjoy!
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13.03.20 14:21
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Review – The Big Screen Bamboozle
Search now to see if your .TECH is available! Link - Use Code "" at Checkout for a special 80% OFF on 1 & 5 Year .TECH Domains!
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08.03.20 5:38
Drop Testing Galaxy S20 Until It BREAKS... How Many Drops?
The Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra were just released, and its time to see how well the Galaxy S20 does in a drop test! I'll be dropping it until it breaks, so let's see how many drops it takes!
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25.02.20 14:56
They Tried to Pay Me $34,000 to Scam You... Here's What Happened...
This is my story about how I avoided falling into a sponsorship scam that seemed 100% legit at first. Kind of crazy how things turned out in my opinion. What's your take on all of this?
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18.01.20 17:14
Can iPhone 11 Survive ROBOT ARM Wielding Katana? ft. Motorized Precision
We took an iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10 to Motorized Precision to see if their giant robot arms could slice these phones into pieces! Check it out!
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21.12.19 6:24
Can iPhone 11 Frozen in Ice Survive 50 FT Drop Test?
The iPhone 11 will be TESTED in this video! Will it be able to survie freezing temperatures for two days in a row as well as being dropped off a five story building for an epic drop test?
133 506
06.12.19 12:31
AirPods Pro Review! One Month Later! Best Earbuds Money Can Buy?
AirPods Pro have been out now for about a month so I wanted to give my detailed review after I've been able to use them every day since purchasing. Are the AirPods Pro worth the $250?
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26.11.19 20:30
Why I'm Switching to Tesla Cybertruck from Dodge Ram 3500!
I have officially pre-ordered a Tesla Cybertruck, but why? I've laid on all of the pros and cons of the Tesla Cybertruck as far as we know it currently. I hope you enjoy it!
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23.11.19 8:48
AirPods Pro Washing Machine and Dryer Test!? Will They Survive?
AirPods Pro are perfect for listening to our sponsor for this episode, Audible! Get Audible for 3 months for just $6.95 a month. Choose 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals absolutely free.
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16.11.19 10:50
iPhone 11 VS Diet Coke and Mentos! Will the iPhone Survive? Pressurization Test!
iPhone 11 is suppose to be water resistant for 30 minutes at 4 ft under, but can the iPhone 11 withstand Diet Coke and Mentos in a pressurized jar?
301 614
11.11.19 7:52
"Invisible" iPhone 11 Pro Case DROP TEST - Does It Actually Work?
I recently discovered an invisible iPhone 11 Pro case... Not really invisible, but it is actually really hard to tell when a iPhone has it on.
113 251
02.11.19 8:03
ROG Phone 2 Drop Test
The ROG Phone 2 is an insanely good phone, arguably better than almost any other flagship, at least on paper.
229 197
24.10.19 9:14
Can World's Strongest Jello Protect iPhone 11 Pro from Tesla Model S?
for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. The iPhone 11 Pro is here, but can it survive being driven over by a Tesla while inside the world's strongest Jello?
118 196
02.10.19 11:52
Asus Zenfone 6 Drop Test! Will The Flip Up Camera Survive?
The Asus Zenfone 6 is a beast of a mid-range smartphone for only $499! And it was just released in the USA! But can the Zenfone 6 survive a durability drop test?
295 141
25.09.19 17:43
Can World's STRONGEST JELLO Protect iPhone 11 Pro from 50 FT Drop Test?
Protect your iPhone 11 Pro with CASETiFY's 3x military grade Ultra Impact Cases!
9 984 904
22.09.19 12:58
iPhone 11 vs Galaxy Note 10 Drop Test! Which Phone is More Durable?!
The competition between the iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note 10 is fierce! But which smartphone is more durable in a drop test though? That's what we are trying to find out in today's video!
808 259
21.09.19 10:35
iPhone 11 Drop Test! The Most Durable iPhone EVER!
The iPhone 11 is the $699 more budget friendly iPhone for 2019, but the question is how durable it really is!
1 323 820
19.09.19 16:16
Asus Zenfone 6 Review - Flip Up Camera GAME CHANGER!
Zenfone 6 is a $499 minimal bezel, high specs, impressive all around device, but how does it stand up to day to day usage. Here's my review of the Asus Zenfone 6.
25 930
11.09.19 9:25
Why the iPhone 11 Pro SUCKS!
The iPhone 11 Pro is here, but is it worth buying when it costs over $999 or $1099 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max?
251 473
11.09.19 11:14
Why the iPhone 11 Pro Is Worth Buying!
The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are two of the most expensive phones you could possibly buy, but are they actually worth the money? Today, I give my opinion on the new iPhones for 2019.
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