5 hours 6:07
Is It OK For Pubs To Charge More For Pints After Lockdown To Cover Their Losses? | GMB
Breweries are reportedly telling struggling pubs to 'sneak prices up by 40p-a-pint' to claw back losses after lockdown 'because people who pay by cards won't notice the hike'.
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5 hours 7:22
Noel Clarke Explains Why Diversity Was Key On Viewpoint Set & Responds to Doctor Who Rumours | GMB
Writer, director, producer and actor Noel Clarke (who has just picked up an honorary BAFTA for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema) opens up about why he insisted on a diverse crew for ITV’s
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6 hours 8:23
Is Britain REALLY Out Of The Coronavirus Pandemic? Dr Amir Explains All | Good Morning Britain
A leading Oxford scientist has declared that Britain is now officially out of the pandemic due to the fall in infection rates. Dr Amir Khan explains what this means.
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7 hours 13:09
Kate Challenges MP Caroline Dineage's Defence Of Boris Johnson's James Dyson Texts | GMB
The Culture Minister Caroline Dineage shares how Prime Minister Boris Johnson is taking the lobbying scandal very seriously and has commissioned and independent review.
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7 hours 4:23
Are Barbecues Sexist? Kate & Sean 'Grill' Panellists In 'Fiery' Debate | Good Morning Britain
We all know the scene, the men gather round the BBQ and the women sort the salads, and the drinks!
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1 day 12:34
George Floyd's Sister: Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict Is 'Just The Beginning' | Good Morning Britain
George Floyd's sister LaTonya and his niece Bianca are calling on Britons to fight racism in her brothers name.
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1 day 7:58
Can We Trust British Police? Former Superintendent Claims They've Been Set Up | Good Morning Britain
Trust in the British police has been rocked in recent months with many frustrated with how they've handled the public during the pandemic and also the policing of women during the Sarah Everard
14 486
1 day 3:40
Kate Garraway Updates On How Derek Is Doing After Coming Home From Hospital | Good Morning Britain
After documenting husband Derek Draper's fight to recover from coronavirus in her documentary Finding Derek, Kate Garraway reveals how Derek is doing now.
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1 day 11:18
Business Minister Defends Boris Johnson's Personal Texts To James Dyson | Good Morning Britain
Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng defends Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he was accused of cronyism because of his personal texts trying to secure the production of ventilators at the start of
5 413
2 days 14:20
Did Football Fans Bring Down The European Super League? | Good Morning Britain
All 6 English football clubs have now pulled out of joining the European Super League. Crystal Palace Chairman Steve Parish claims it was fan power which made them change their mind.
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2 days 12:22
Adil Challenges MP Oliver Dowden About Systemic Racism In Heated Discussion | Good Morning Britain
The Culture secretary Oliver Dowden explains that although the government didn't need to step in to the prevent the top 6 from joining the European Super League that they will be having a fan-led
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2 days 13:03
George Floyd's Aunt Says Derek Chauvin's Guilty Verdict Has 'Changed The World' | GMB
Former police officer, Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of George Floyd by kneeling on his neck.
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2 days 7:09
The Queen's Birthday: Royal Photographer Explains How Her 95th Will Vary From Tradition | GMB
For the first time in almost 75 years, the Queen will celebrate her official birthday without the Duke of Edinburgh.
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3 days 10:48
Should Assisted Dying Laws Be Reformed? Doctors Disagree In Powerful Debate | Good Morning Britain
New figures from the campaign group My Death My Decision has revealed that 30% of people who travel to Switzerland for an assisted death, do so without the police's knowledge.
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3 days 9:45
Sven-Göran Eriksson: European Super League Ruins The 'Dream of Football' | GMB
The European Super League would see 6 of the top English football clubs break away to join 6 other European teams.
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3 days 11:54
Dr Hilary Clashes With Pub Landlord Who Threw Keir Starmer Out Over Lockdown Restrictions | GMB
Rod Humphris is the pub landlord of the Raven Pub in Bath who kicked out the Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer because he supported coronavirus lockdown restrictions.
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3 days 16:27
Gavin Williamson Condemns European Super League & Explains Government Plans To Block It | GMB
The Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, reveals that the Government is going to intervene and start talks with the FA and supporters to try and resolve 6 of England's best clubs from breaking
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4 days 8:38
MP Slams 'Elitist' European Super League Club Moves & Is Challenged on Elitism In Politics | GMB
This Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher slams the potential European Super League clubs as elitist and is challenged by Susanna and Adil over elitism in politics.
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4 days 12:45
Should Funeral Restrictions Be Eased Now Pubs Are Open? Emotions Run High In Powerful Debate | GMB
Following the heartbreaking scenes of The Queen sat by herself at her husband's HRH Prince Philip's funeral, coupled with the scenes of busy pub gardens reopening - should we now be able to comfort
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4 days 9:35
Greensill Scandal: Shadow Chancellor Calls For Politicians To Be Held Accountable | GMB
As the debate about the Greensill lobbying scandal rages on, the Shadow Chancellor calls for tighter rules on lobbying and greater accountability for politicians.
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4 days 11:36
Should European Super League Clubs Be Kicked Out of The Premier League? | Good Morning Britain
As English football's 'Big Six' - Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur - announce they've signed up for the new European Super League, pundits and
77 876
4 days 7:59
Line of Duty's Adrian Dunbar Reveals HUGE Clue About Kate Fleming's Fate & H's Identity | GMB
Does Kate Fleming survive that Line of Duty Cliffhanger? And who is H?
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7 days 5:58
Colin v Cuthbert The Caterpillar: Can M&S Sue Aldi For Copyright Over A Cake? | Good Morning Britain
The iconic birthday staple is quickly becoming the food fight of the centuray after M&S's Colin the Caterpillar Cake declared war on Aldi's Cuthbert!
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7 days 7:56
Call the Midwife Stars Share Series 10 Teasers & US Celebrity Superfan Shock | Good Morning Britain
Ahead of Call the Midwife's 10th series, two of the show's stars, Laura Main and Stephen McGann who play husband and wife, Dr Patrick Turner and Shelia, share what we can expect from the series.
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7 days 16:09
Prince Philip's Friend Martin Palmer Shares His Wonderful And Hilarious Memories | GMB
A close friend of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Martin Palmer, who collaborated with him on setting up the charity The Alliance of Religions and Conservation, shares his fond memories of the Duke.
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8 days 9:06
Mum Who Lost Her Voice to MND Can Talk Again Thanks to Appearance on Tipping Point | GMB
A Scottish woman who has lost her speech due to motor neurone disease (MND) has now remarkably got it back and it’s all down to an appearance on Tipping Point two years ago.
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8 days 3:42
Charlotte Takes On The Ice Foot Challenge to Raise Awareness for Motor Neurone Disease | GMB
Charlotte takes on the ice foot challenge, which involves plunging your feet in an ice bucket for 92 seconds to raise money for motor neurone disease. Broadcast on 15/04/21 Subscribe now for more!
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8 days 11:31
Baroness Doreen Lawrence on How Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation Supports Education & His Legacy |GMB
With next week marking 28 years since her son was brutally murdered, Baroness Doreen Lawrence joins us exclusively ahead of Stephen Lawrence Day and to speak more regarding the great work the
3 537
8 days 11:15
Christine Hamilton Claims Spelling Mistakes Show ‘Lack of Education' in Heated Debate | GMB
Marking down incorrect spelling, punctuation and grammar could be seen as elitist, a university policy says.
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9 days 15:09
'Sleaze & Cronyism!': David Cameron Greensill Lobbying Debate Gets Heated | Good Morning Britain
Shadow Cabinet Minister, Rachel Reeves explains why Labour are calling for a vote in the House of Commons to establish a full and transparent Parliament-run inquiry into the Greensill scandal
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