1 hour 7:26
Should The Queen Step Down? Her Cancelled Northern Ireland Trip Sparks Age Concerns | GMB
The Queen has cancelled a trip to Northern Ireland and has reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days at Windsor Castle.
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1 hour 12:39
Susanna Quizzes Health Minister On Sajid Javid's Plan B Decision | GMB
When quizzed on the decision to not introduce a plan B, Health Minister Edward Argar says 'vaccine boosters and vaccines for younger people' are keeping us ahead in the race 'but that race is
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Could Coronavirus Cancel Christmas? Doctors React To Rise In Daily Cases | GMB
The Government has no current plans to implement its Plan B for tackling coronavirus, the Health Secretary has said but repeated his warning that Covid-19 cases could reach 100,000 a day as the
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3 hours 16:08
Rise In Women Spiked By Injection In Nightclubs Sparks Passionate Safety Debate | GMB
Spiking women is on the rise. A 19 year old woman is said to have felt ‘a pinch on the back of her arm’ before blacking out as she left a club in Nottingham.
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1 day 14:17
Health Care Workers React To Fourth Wave Of Covid Fears & If a Plan B Should Be Implemented | GMB
The UK has recorded 223 COVID-19 deaths within 28 days of a positive test in the biggest daily jump since early March. A further 43,738 coronavirus cases were also recorded.
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1 day 8:15
Can Male Authors Describe Women’s Looks? Fears Of Offending Readers Sparks Sexist Debate | GMB
Author Sebastian Faulks has said he feels liberated after making the decision not to describe how women look in his latest novel.
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1 day 9:36
Business Secretary Responds To Lockdown Concerns As Covid-19 Cases Rise | Good Morning Britain
Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng says the government 'are looking at the situation in real time'.
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1 day 12:21
Is Netflix's Squid Game Fit For Kids? Copycat Violence In The Playground Sparks Concerns | GMB
It’s the biggest rated Netflix show of all time with 111 million views in less than a month since it’s premiere. The show has a 15 rating but that hasn’t stopped younger children watching.
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2 days 10:14
Dr Gardner On Legal Action Against Govt's Failed Covid-19 Protection Of Care Home Residents | GMB
The High Court is holding a full hearing in a judicial review brought against the Department for Health and Social Care, NHS England and Public Health England over whether the measures the
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2 days 12:42
Thomas Markle Pleads With Meghan & Prince Harry In Heated Bid To See Grandchildren | GMB
Meghan Markle's estranged father joins us live on GMB to tell how he fears his daughter is cutting Prince Harry's family out of his life - as she did her own family.
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2 days 14:30
'Don't Panic' Professors Questioned On The Rise In Covid Cases In England Sparking Concern | GMB
1 in 60 people had covid last week as figures show that Covid cases in England are at their highest level since January.
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3 days 12:12
Close friends of MP Sir David Amess Pay Tribute After He Was Killed On Duty | Good Morning Britain
Richard Hillgrove was a longtime friend of Sir David Amess and spoke to the MP just minutes before the attack. Richard's daughter was paired with Sir David on a Children MP scheme.
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3 days 5:55
Alison Hammond Describes Devastating Event That Changed Her Life | Good Morning Britain
Alison Hammond discusses her new autobiography and describes the devastating event that made her realise you have to grab life while you've got it.
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3 days 10:33
Dominic Raab Reveals He's Been Threatened With Acid After Discussing More Protection For MPs | GMB
Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab says there is going to be a review into best practices for protesting MPs. The online harms bill also aims to tackle online abuse of politicians.
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3 days 13:47
Should There Be More Protection For MPs? Sir David Amess Attack Sparks Safety Debate | GMB
Should there be more protection for MPs? MP Tulip Siddiq says she changed her way of working after Jo Cox was murdered but was in 'profound shock' after Sir David Amess was attacked.
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6 days 11:51
Transport Secretary Quizzed On Safety Of Christmas This Year After International Supply Issues | GMB
The government is relaxing the rules on EU lorry drivers to address the supply crisis.
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6 days 9:31
Should Criminals Have a Curfew? Copenhagen's New Law Sparks Debate | Good Morning Britain
Criminals will be banned from visiting popular nightlife areas in Denmark under a new law.
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6 days 10:22
Former GB Soldier Tortured In Afghanistan By The Taliban Reveals Harrowing Prison Conditions | GMB
A British former soldier was subjected to beatings in a 'Guantanamo Bay-like' prison where he was held for weeks in Afghanistan because the Taliban thought he was a 'James Bond character'.
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7 days 10:49
Ben Challenges Sajid Javid on How The Govt Plans to Fulfill Pledge of 6,000 More GPs by 2024 | GMB
Health Secretary Sajid Javid joins Ben and Susanna to discuss whether there is anything the UK can do to help Billy Hood who has been sentenced to 25 years in prison in Dubai after police found
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Mother Whose Son Has Been Jailed in Dubai for 25 Years Makes Emotional Plea For Help | GMB
A 24-year-old football coach has been sentenced to 25 years in prison in Dubai after police discovered 4 small bottles of CBD oil, which he claimed were left in his car by a fellow Londoner he'd
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7 days 10:21
Are Smart Doorbells A Breach of Privacy? Court Case Won By Doorbell Evidence Sparks Debate | GMB
A judge has ruled that a Ring doorbell is a breach of privacy after a female doctor took her neighbour to court.
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8 days 8:56
Should Schools Shut For 2 Weeks To Try And Stop The Spread Of Covid? | Good Morning Britain
The number of pupils absent from England's state schools rose by two-thirds to 204,000 in the fortnight to Thursday, 30 September.
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8 days 13:30
Susanna Quizzes Oliver Dowden On The Problem With Racism In Football After Hungary Incident | GMB
Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden is challenged by Susanna on the reports that only 27 visas have been taken out of the 5,000 on offer for HGV drivers.
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8 days 9:20
New Comic Book Superman Coming Out As Bisexual Sparks 'Wokeism' Debate | Good Morning Britain
As the new comic book Superman turns out to be bi-sexual is this the comic book, and by extension film industires becomig more inclusive or are they just pandering to the woke agenda.
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8 days 11:56
Former Footballer John Barnes On Why He Thinks Taking The Knee Is 'Tokenism' | GMB
First chat about his new book, “The Uncomfortable Truth About Racism” - in which he tackles head-on the issues surrounding racial prejudice by vividly evoking his personal experiences, and holding a
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8 days 8:57
Ed Miliband Buys An Electric Car After Being Grilled By Susanna To 'Practice What He Preaches' | GMB
With less than a month to go to the most consequential summit that has ever taken place, about the most consequential issue facing the world, Labour is warning that COP26 cannot be allowed to be the
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9 days 10:40
Steve Barclay Quizzed On Reported Govt Covid Failures That Cost Thousands of Lives | GMB
Serious errors and delays, including on testing, care homes and the timing of the first lockdown, have cost lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a damning report from MPs.
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9 days 6:46
Should Sick People Stay At Home? Warnings Of The Rise Of a Severe Bug Sparks Debate | GMB
As people continue to socialise without restrictions for the first time properly since March 2020, the propensity for seasonal illnesses to spread is particularly high.
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9 days 14:51
Susanna Questions Jeremy Hunt Over UK's Pandemic Unpreparedness & PM's Handling Of Covid Crisis| GMB
Serious errors and delays, including on testing, care homes and the timing of the first lockdown, have cost lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a damning report from MPs.
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10 days 10:14
First Minister of Wales Grilled On Compulsory Covid Passports & It's Vulnerabilities | GMB
Covid passports are now compulsory for nightclubs & big sporting events in Wales. Mark Drakeford says the possibility of fake lateral flow test results is a 'vulnerability'.
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