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Psychologist & Ex NBA Star Reveals His Mum Changed His Name To Avoid Racism | GMB
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Psychologist and former basketball star John Amaechi believes that despite some progress, racism will remain rampant throughout his lifestyle.
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Would a Circuit Breaker Lockdown Be Effective in Curbing the Spread? | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Talks are continuing today about whether the stricter coronavirus rules should be expanded further across England.
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Dr Hilary Explains What Long COVID Is & Kate Reveals How Derek Is Doing | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Dr Hilary explains what long COVID is and how it affects those with mild and severe symptoms and doesn't discriminate with age.
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Shadow Minister: 'Circuit Breaker' Lockdown Would 'Put Virus Back 28 Days' | Good Morning Britain
Shadow Minister Rachel Reeves says a 2-week 'circuit breaker' lockdown would 'put the virus back 28 days'. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for a 2 to 3-week lockdown as recommended by SAGE.
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14 days 13:54
Do We Need A 'Circuit Breaker' Lockdown? | Good Morning Britain
Do we need a 'circuit breaker' lockdown? Sir Keir Starmer and SAGE have both endorsed a short lockdown to stop the surge in coronavirus cases.
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14 days 12:42
Cathy Newman Wants To Demand Break Of Government News Boycott | Good Morning Britain
Today marks 169 days since the beginning of the government boycott of GMB.
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Royal Biographer Reveals Feud Between Prince Harry and Prince William | Good Morning Britain
A new biography tells of the depth of the Royal Family’s anger and frustration at Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit.
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David Dimbleby Claims Distrust In Politicians Stems From Iraq War | Good Morning Britain
David Dimbleby tells Piers Morgan that the distrust in politicians has 'its origins in what happened during the Iraq war' when asked about the joint effect of the pandemic and the US election and
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Stranded Brit Returns From Quarantine In Italy After Two Months | Good Morning Britain
A young British man, held against his will in Italy for almost two months has arrived back in Britain. Will Castle had an emotional meeting with his dad at Gatwick Airport.
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Shadow Health Secretary Says Government Boycott Is 'Cowardly' | Good Morning Britain
Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth joins Piers and Susanna to discuss the new coronavirus restrictions and how they will impact the north.
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15 days 12:52
Should Government Have Ignored Scientists Lockdown Advice? | Good Morning Britain
Piers and Susanna talk to Andrew Pierce and Ayesha Hazarika about the Government's new restrictions and whether they should have ignored advice from Sage scientists.
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16 days 14:43
Is Boris Johnson A 'Good Time Guy'? | Good Morning Britain
'By any yardstick to judge this government during this pandemic it has been a disaster which is why we have the worst death toll and economy in Europe.' Piers Morgan says that these two facts
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Night Time Economy Adviser Launches Legal Action Against Government Over Impact On Hospitality | GMB
Northern leaders have expressed anger at the economic impact of further Covid restrictions in their areas as talks with the Government appeared tense.
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Stranded Brit To Return From Italian Quarantine After Months While Friends Remain Trapped | GMB
One of the three stranded Brits stuck in an Italian quarantine for two months can finally return to the UK. However, despite testing negative once the two others remain trapped in Florence.
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Should Police Investigate Darren Grimes For ‘Publishing Hate Speech’? | Good Morning Britain
Darren Grimes is being investigated by police on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred over an interview with the historian David Starkey that he published, it has emerged.
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Congratulations to Dr Hilary For His New MBE | Good Morning Britain
Congratulations to Dr Hilary Jones MBE for his new honour thanks to his services to public broadcasting and medical practice, especially throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Subscribe now for more!
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Kate Reveals How Gardening Has Helped Her Mental Health through Derek's Illness | GMB
Businesswoman Jo Malone has revealed she felt 'ashamed' of crippling anxiety attacks she started suffering after fighting terminal cancer.
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Dr Hilary in a Heated Debate over Herd Immunity and Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions | GMB
A senior Conservative has urged fellow MPs to join a new campaign against the “irreparable damage” from Covid-19 restrictions – demanding a return to “life as normal” for most people.
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I Spent 156 Days in Hospital Suffering From Coronavirus | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa A father who spent 156 days in hospital suffering from coronavirus and 2 months sedated in intensive care has finally been discharged from hospital!
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Family Guy's Stewie Forecasts the Weather with Laura Tobin | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Family Guy creator and voice of Stewie Griffin, Seth MacFarlane joins Good Morning Britain's weather presenter Laura Tobin for the weather!
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