5 days 1:01
Google – How to Start
All over the country people are searching “how to start.” Whether it’s starting a business, a new relationship, or just trying to remember how to start a conversation, people are taking that first
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15 days 1:47
How Google Search reacts in critical moments
Whenever there’s a significant event, we want people to be able to find reliable information as quickly as possible.
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18 days 0:31
Google – How to Start a Vacation
All over the country, people are searching “how to start.” And one of the biggest things people are looking to start? A vacation.
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18 days 0:31
Google – How to Start a New Job
All over the country, people are searching “how to start,” with many of those searches having to do with our ever-changing relationships with work.
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27 days 5:35
Laverne Cox | Watch With Me | Google TV
What does your watchlist say about you? In our new series, we talk to some of our favorite entertainers, artists, and cultural icons about what they watch and how it influenced them.
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27 days 1:00
Privacy and security on Google Fi
Google Fi is a different kind of phone plan. Learn how you can get smarter coverage and helpful features, including privacy and security features that protect your personal information.
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29 days 3:23
Food support series: FoodCycle LA
In this video, Los Angeles based FoodCycle LA explains how they divert usable food from landfills to address both hunger and climate change.
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29 days 3:35
Food support series: Baylor’s Meals To You program
In this video, the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger & Poverty shares its story about expanding its Meals To You program-a program shipping shelf-stable meals to rural childrens’ doorsteps-from rural
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29 days 3:15
Food support series: University of Michigan, Maize & Blue Cupboard
In this video, representatives from the University of Michigan’s student-led Maize & Blue Cupboard program share their story about ensuring that students facing food insecurity have equitable access
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29 days 3:49
Food support series: Massachusetts Military Support Foundation
In this video, representatives from the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation share their story about providing food support to U.S. active-duty military families and veterans, i.e.
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29 days 3:40
Food support series: Chicago Public Schools
In this video, representatives from Chicago Public Schools share how they adapted during the pandemic to support their students in need of food support with grab and go meals and meal delivery
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29 days 1:58
Food support series: 5 organizations, 1 message
This video gives an introduction to the organizations featured in our Food Support series, organizations supporting unique communities with different needs and challenges, yet with a similar
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29 days 6:11
Finding Pride in India: Yash's Story
Yash Godbole is a gay Googler from western India. Yash relocated to Sydney from India and experienced life as an openly gay man for the first time.
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33 days 1:32
Black Thought - Browndages (a song to support small business)
For International #SmallBusinessWeek, Black Thought (MC of The Roots) wrote a track to celebrate Browndages, a small business specializing in inclusive bandages.
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33 days 4:45
Finding Pride in Taiwan: Stephan and Jovy's Story
Stephan and Jovy are a gay couple living in Taiwan. They have a strong desire to share their story and give hope to young queer people who feel alone or afraid of the unknown.
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35 days 1:38
Eric Nam - All Of You (a song to support small business)
For International #SmallBusinessWeek, Eric Nam penned a song to celebrate COVRY, a small business specializing in inclusive eyewear.
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35 days 6:35
Finding Pride in Korea: Hanel's story
PFLAG Korea is an ally group made up of parents of LGBTQIA+ people. PFLAG runs monthly support groups for parents, children and allies, as well as education seminars on how to best be an ally.
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35 days 4:45
Finding Pride in Australia: Steph's Story
Steph is a Canberra based prominent intersex human rights advocate.
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35 days 4:34
Finding Pride in New Zealand: Leah's Story
Leah Pao is a Tongan and Niuean trans woman who is sharing her positive story to help shift the narrative around trans experiences.
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35 days 4:35
Finding Pride in Singapore: Sam's Story
Sam Lo is a prominent visual artist in Singapore, who identifies as transgender.
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35 days 3:56
Finding Pride in Asia Pacific
Seven people from the LGBTQIA+ community in Asia Pacific share some of the questions they asked, and the answers they uncovered, that helped them on their journey to finding pride.
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36 days 5:16
Finding Pride in Japan: Miwaza's story
Miwaza is queer and living in Tokyo, Japan.
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37 days 5:28
Forward Rhythm | Two Drummers with Fred Armisen and Jason Barnes: Audio Described Version
Fred Armisen and fellow drummer Jason Barnes first met while playing a show in 2018.
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37 days 3:45
Forward Rhythm | Two Drummers with Fred Armisen and Jason Barnes
Fred Armisen and fellow drummer Jason Barnes first met while playing a show in 2018.
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37 days 1:18
Celebrate Pride in Belonging with Pixel – Support LGBTQ+ Friendly Spaces
After a year of isolation and hardship, join us in supporting LGBTQ+ spaces and businesses on the road to recovery.
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38 days 1:01
A father tries to stay connected to his teenager with a little help from Google.
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41 day 0:18
Guest Mode | Privacy Actions
It’s easier than ever to use Google’s privacy controls with a little help from Google Assistant.
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44 days 1:01
Google Workspace - How it’s done.
Say hello to Google Workspace. Whether you’re planning a wedding, running a company or teaching 2nd grade, it’s everything you need to connect, create and collaborate. Learn more at workspace.
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50 days 2:59
Finding blue holes with Google Maps
The Great Barrier Reef’s “blue holes” are sought after by researchers and underwater explorers, who are able to learn vital information about life in the ocean from these unique geological formations.
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54 days 3:06
Stump Kitchen: Creating community (Audio Described Version)
LGBTQ+ and disabled chef Alexis uses YouTube and Google Meet to help pursue her passion for vegan cooking, while creating a safe space to celebrate the amazing, unique ways we move through the world.
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