31 day 1:43
Pono Woodworks x Google Channel on Shopify: Riding the Wave of Sustainable Growth
Solopreneur, Brett Gontarek, combines his love of woodworking to create something beautiful, sustainable and different from anything else on the market with his business Pono Woodworks (ponowoodworks.
31 day 1:45
Ollie World x Google Channel on Shopify: An ecommerce growth spurt like no other
The Ollie World (theollieworld.com) is a story of a foster mom, Hindi, who was fostering a baby named Ollie who wouldn’t sleep through the night.
44 days 0:16
Small Business, Big Dreams: Search
From paintball stores to pastry shops, even our smallest small business owners know that Search is 🔑 to growing businesses online.
44 days 0:15
Small business, Big Dreams: Maps
Whether you’re headed to Mount Olympus⚡ or a little closer to home🏡, drop a pin in your #smallbiz journey with help from Google Maps.
45 days 0:16
Small Business, Big Dreams: Reviews
Give your favorite small businesses the stars it needs to shine even brighter this holiday season ⭐ Leave a review for a small business you love to show them you appreciate them this holiday season
48 days 1:01
Small Business, Big Dreams
Whether you dream of opening a bookstore on Mount Olympus 🗻 or want to support your local unicorn ranch 🦄 we are proud of those chasing their dreams—and everyone else who continues to
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55 days 2:27
How women-led GrillzandGranola helps their community through fitness and mental health programs
“You can’t be what you can’t see” is the motto of GrillzandGranola, a body-positivity fitness company for women of color that blends workout sets to trap music with mental health resources.
56 days 1:42
How a master tailor in London built an international audience for his shop through YouTube
From humble beginnings in Trinidad, owner Andrew Ramroop followed his calling to make fine clothing and share his knowledge with those who aspired to learn the craft.
56 days 1:37
How a business owner from Chicago grows awareness of her unique curly-hair products with YouTube
Kim Lewis, Co-founder of CurlMix grew her YouTube channel organically before investing in YouTube ads to build brand awareness and expand and diversify her customer base.
59 days 2:49
Honoring Excellence in the Transgender Community: GC2B and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute
In 2015, designer and entrepreneur Marli Washington saw a lack of safe, accessible chest binding options for himself and the broader transgender and gender nonconforming community, so he started
70 days 1:50
How this neighborhood tailor in Hong Kong connected with new customers around the world
Mark Cho and his team at The Armoury are passionate about distinctive and exceptionally crafted men's clothing, shoes, and accessories from around the world.
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107 days 1:50
How this healthy beauty brand virtually connected with customers during the pandemic
Ayla Beauty built their business on connecting customers and wellness partners around the world with personalized, non-toxic skincare products.
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107 days 1:43
How The Breakfast Klub keeps serving up smiles
Come for the chicken and waffles, stay for the community.
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118 days 1:51
How a passionate bike shop owner in Thailand built a community on YouTube and grew his business
Dee Charoenyan, founder of DBigbike, connected with people who shared his passion by creating and uploading videos about bikes and vehicles.
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136 days 2:07
Ariat: Finding success online with Google
Ariat was born in 1993 out of love for horse riding. 15 years ago the business expanded beyond riding gear to also include work footwear and apparel.
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160 days 2:14
How this Native-owned small business stayed connected to their community during the pandemic
For Eighth Generation’s (eighthgeneration.com) founder, Louie Gong, being Native means being connected to a community.
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204 days 1:59
How small businesses around the world are overcoming the pandemic
We're proud to work with small businesses all over the world and help them support their communities, amaze their customers, and be there for their employees.
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204 days 1:38
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204 days 1:28
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204 days 1:34
See how a bookshop used Story Time to stay connected with their customers
Book stores are where we learn, laugh, grow, and explore. See how Mr. B's Emporium recreated that atmosphere on their YouTube channel.
204 days 1:43
How a music school in Brazil brought learning right into your living room
Music school Favela Brass realized that without music, kids in the poorest neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro would be stuck at home with nothing to do.
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205 days 1:44
How a local gym in India keeps their community exercising during a lockdown
Like and subscribe to break a sweat. When BoxFit couldn't let customers into their gyms, they brought workouts to their customers – in the form of live YouTube fitness classes.
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205 days 2:05
This one product change helped keep this Indian small business running
Krishne Tassels specializes in crafting saree awesomeness.
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206 days 2:13
See how 200 artisans helped keep this small business afloat
Someone Somewhere shares the beauty of handcrafted indigenous clothes with the world while empowering hundreds of Mexican artisans to break out of poverty.
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206 days 1:23
A plumber going... viral?! See how this small business used YouTube to get in front of customers.
Texas Green Plumbing owner and expert plumber Roger Wakefield wants to teach you about plumbing.
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206 days 2:13
See how this small business pivoted to keep their doors open in the middle of a pandemic
"We are many threads of one single fabric." See how Anna Fiscale, founder and president of sustainable fashion brand Progetto Quid, protected the jobs of all 142 employees during COVID-19 with the
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206 days 1:52
How this restaurant in Hawaii kept their business running and community fed during a pandemic
“Despite all the hardships, thankfully we have our community.” When customers couldn’t come to Oahu’s favorite Highway Inn for dinner, they turned to Google My Business to let their customers know
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275 days 1:42
Local Services by Google: Helping Gmaids book more jobs
Join Google Local Services as we visit Dallas and meet the owners of Gmaids. With Local services reach local customers who want to book your services and track your leads on the go.
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275 days 1:45
Local Services by Google: Helping Access Garage Door reach customers better
Join Google Local Services as we visit Dallas and learn more from Salvador, owner of Access Garage door. Learn how Local Services helps you keep your schedule full.
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315 days 1:46
William Painter: Reaching new heights with YouTube
In 2013, founders Matt DeCelles and Patrick Eckstein set out to create an uncompromised pair of sunglasses forged from aerospace-grade titanium – and William Painter was born.
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