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22 Jan 2008
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Zoe Financial: driving growth through higher-quality leads
Zoe Financial is a wealth planning platform that helps its customers find an independent and fiduciary financial advisor.
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Pixel for Business - Casey Dworkin, Founder & Creative Director of Sylven New York
Casey uses Google Pixel 6 as a key part of her small business’ operations to grow Sylven New York into a more sustainable shoe brand.
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Celebrating Small Business Heroes
This International Small Business Week, take a moment to be inspired by the incredible journeys of small business owners from across the globe. Learn more at
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73 days 2:31
Beekman 1802: How Kindness and Community Can Build a Business
Since founding Beekman 1802 in 2008, owners Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell have made it their mission to promote Kindness and celebrate differences through all they do.
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97 days 2:01
Mother-in-Law’s: How family traditions helped build a business
Inspired by her mother’s experience as a small business owner, Lauryn Chun founded Mother-in-Law’s ( to share her family traditions with the world.
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154 days 1:36
International Women’s Day: Women entrepreneurs who are changing the world
Female business owners across the globe are turning their dreams into reality and paving the way forward for women everywhere.
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Tea Drops: How one women-led business is harnessing growth to uplift their community
Tea Drops ( founder and CEO, Sashee Chandran, built her business to be a supportive, inclusive space that would help her female team reach their highest potential.
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188 days 1:51
Talley and Twine: On legacy and leading the conversation as a Black-owned business
Talley and Twine discuss what it means to be a Black-owned business and how their watches help spark important conversations.
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Pixel for Business - Brandon Kim, co-founder of Brevitē
Brandon and his brothers used Google products to grow Brevitē into the revolutionary backpack company it is today.
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How Talley & Twine uses Google Ads & Shopify to Stand Out to Customers
Undeterred by the giants of the watch industry, and anchored by GoogleAds & Shopify, Randy D.
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How Delgado Guitars honors Latino heritage and the craft of handmade instruments
Manuel Delgado, owner of Delgado Guitars, shares the history of the business originally started by his grandfather and great uncle in 1928 in Terrion, Mexico.
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Introducing Google Ads recommendations on HubSpot
Visit to learn more.
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Grow your business with the Google Ads tool on HubSpot
Google and HubSpot have partnered to offer a suite of tools that will help you integrate CRM-powered ads into your existing marketing tactics to reach new customers and drive leads to your business
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How this Chicago plant shop grows their business with the help of digital tools
Ozzy Gamez grew up in Belize and Juan Quezada grew up in Mexico, but they both shared a mutual love of plants.
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See how Billy Footwear uses Google Ads to be ready for the holiday retail season
After suffering from a severe spinal cord injury, Billy Price made many adaptations in his life that helped him to regain his independence. But putting on his shoes continued to be a challenge.
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Pixel for Business — Heather Andersen founder of New York Pilates
The pandemic has hit gyms especially hard, but Heather Andersen’s New York Pilates locations adapted with help from Google Pixel.
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25.06.21 1:49
Reconnect with your customers, with a little help from Google
After a year of challenges, people are searching to get back to what they love. Visit to find tools to help your business reach new customers and grow.
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24.06.21 1:47
Louisiana Crawfish: re-engaging with customers during a pandemic.
Louisiana Crawfish, family owned since 1985, has long specialized in shipping live crawfish to customers across the country.
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24.06.21 33:39
Panel Discussion: Secrets to Success on YouTube
How should small businesses get started on YouTube? What tools and tips are most useful? What are the formats & trends to watch?
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24.06.21 35:04
Panel Discussion: Stories of Resilience
Between the dual impacts of the pandemic and quarantine, small businesses and creators have faced unparalleled challenges.
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21.06.21 0:43
June 24 is YouTube Small Biz Day - Join Us!
As part of Google’s International Small Business Week, tune in to #YouTubeSmallBizDay on June 24 to inspire, support and educate small businesses across the U.S.
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21.06.21 2:20
Celebrating International Small Business Week 2021
Happy International Small Business Week! Here’s to the resilient small businesses all around the world, and the communities they inspire.
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21.06.21 1:42
Pixel for Business — Gary Williams Jr. co-founder of Creative Theory
Gary Williams Jr. wears many hats. He’s the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of his own marketing agency, Creative Theory, an entrepreneur, husband, and father.
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02.06.21 1:59
How gc2b uses Google Ads to reach the LGTBQ+ community and allies world wide
Designed by a trans designer for the trans community, gc2b is a transitional apparel company that sells chest binders to global customers and uses a percentage of their proceeds to support other
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27.05.21 1:50
Grow Your Business with Google Listings & Ads by WooCommerce
Grow your business by getting in front of shoppers when they’re searching for products like yours.
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24.05.21 2:01
How Tea Drops serves up delicious beverages to customers around the world
Founded in 2015, Tea Drops is a woman-forward and innovative beverage company that creates magical tea moments by taking a sustainable angle to traditional tea bags.
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20.05.21 1:26
How NYC Chinatown’s first dim sum restaurant stays connected to their community and customers
Nom Wah Tea Parlor (, NYC Chinatown’s first dim sum restaurant, has been serving customers since 1920.
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13.05.21 2:06
How this family owned business is bringing diversity and culture to playrooms across the country
Avani wanted her children to be connected to their roots, but being from India and living in America, she found it hard to engage her children.
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13.05.21 1:55
Unlocking the power of Google Ads with W.B. Mason
W.B. Mason, a traditional business supplies firm with a 100+ year history, used Google Ads to change with the times when their business was affected by the pandemic.
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04.03.21 2:30
Show Customers Your Services with a Google Business Profile
Nisha Henna Art is a #smallbiz that th(inks) outside the box. Owner and founder, Nisha, started off by doing henna tattoos for her friends she made when she moved to Austin, TX, in 2001.
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