6 hours 2:00
BeyondCorp, Cloud CDN, & more!
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Priyanka Vergadia.
17 hours 1:31
Cloud SQL in a minute
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2 days 4:13
SLOs for GKE services
SLOs with Service Monitoring episode → goo.gle/3dvQdNE Did you know that the latest release of Service Monitoring makes it easier for you to set reliability targets for services run on GKE?
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2 days 6:11
How to use tokenization with Cloud DLP
KittyCat Walks was able to use Cloud DLP to help remove sensitive values in their data, but when it comes to handling sensitive financial information - such as credit card numbers - how can they
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3 days 5:08
What is Cloud Load Balancing?
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3 days 20:37
Cloud Functions vs. Cloud Run
Building with serverless on Google Cloud can be difficult in regards to determining what product serves your specific use case the best.
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6 days 4:47
New in BigQuery: Time Unit Partitioning
New in BigQuery: more granular control over your partitions with Time Unit Partitioning.
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7 days 2:07
Google Workspace, Cloud Functions, & more!
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Reto Meier.
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10 days 3:21
Moving Cron Jobs to the Cloud
Blog post with code → goo.gle/2yjSE5h In this episode of Serverless Expeditions, Martin Omander and Dustin Ingram show you the dexterity of Python, and how you can easily run jobs on a
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14 days 2:32
Apigee, VM fleet monitoring & more!
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Stephanie Wong.
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14 days 1:56
Cloud Spanner in a minute
Cloud Spanner → goo.gle/33mGTbg Cloud Spanner is a fully managed relational database with unlimited scale, strong consistency, and up to 99.999% availability.
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16 days 2:54
How to monitor quota usage
Documentation → goo.gle/36tCC88 Handling unexpected spikes in traffic can be difficult if your application runs out of resource quota.
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16 days 5:23
How to redact sensitive data using DLP
In the last episode, we touched on what de-identifiction is and how it can be beneficial for your application.
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17 days 4:51
What is Google Cloud Operations?
Formerly known as Stackdriver, Google Cloud Operations Suite is a platform where you can monitor, troubleshoot, and improve application performance on your Google Cloud environment.
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17 days 4:40
Deploy Django applications to Google Cloud
Serverless Expeditions Blog → goo.gle/3l9LnZ3 Web frameworks that rely on databases – such as Django, Wagtail, or Django CMS – can be difficult to migrate to the Cloud.
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18 days 3:35
How to build a CI/CD pipeline with Spinnaker
Continuous delivery pipelines with Spinnaker and Google Kubernetes Engine → goo.gle/3cMxOvA Without having a reliable, automatic process to update a microservice-based application, Critter
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18 days 3:16
How to find a mentor in the tech industry
How do you go about finding a mentor?
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18 days 2:55
How to improve workplace safety with Google Cloud
Now more than ever, workplace safety should be top of mind for most employers.
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19 days 2:51
Exploring different paths in tech
One of the things that is unique to the tech industry is that it allows you to explore, uncover, and infuse your passions into your work life.
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19 days 5:22
API-first application development
By abstracting data and services as APIs and extending them for no-code app development, you can accelerate development timelines considerably and reduce application backlogs.
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19 days 2:36
Machine learning without code in the browser
Try out Teachable Machine → goo.gle/3clys2J Check out this blog → goo.gle/33iRyUB Creating an ML model seems like a complex and time-consuming task to complete, but it doesn’t
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20 days 3:56
Build no-code apps with AppSheet
AppSheet helps citizen developers help their companies ideate quickly, drive innovation, and increase agility in an ever-changing work environment.
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20 days 3:44
Tips for women working in tech
Every day women are redefining what it means to work in the tech industry.
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21 day 2:17
Serverless exports, Windows server VMs, & more!
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Priyanka Vergadia.
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24 days 4:00
Vertical and horizontal autoscaling on Kubernetes Engine
GKE best practices: Designing and building highly available clusters → goo.gle/332yPMV Critter Junction’s traffic is set to increase exponentially, and their current infrastructure can’t
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24 days 19:21
Hosting a REST API with a Cloud Firestore backend
You can find the code here → goo.gle/36rfln9 In the past, you’ve probably hosted different REST APIs on different backend servers such as Cloud SQL, Firebase, or App Engine.
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28 days 2:02
Cloud Run, Cloud Logging, & more!
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Roger Martinez.
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28 days 1:50
Firestore in a minute
Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database that lets you easily store, sync, and query data for your mobile and web apps - at global scale.
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30 days 3:50
Automating Cloud Monitoring dashboards
Dashboards are a great way to visualize the health of your services.
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30 days 5:04
What is data de-identification?
Our fictitious app - Kitty Walks - is rapidly gaining new users, and wants to have a clearer understanding of their customers without compromising financial or personal information.
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