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This Week in Cloud: Next OnAir week 4
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Reto Meier.
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Anthos in a minute
Modernizing your applications while preserving security and keeping complexity to a minimum is no easy feat.
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Fraud detection with Stateful Serverless on Cloudstate
Demonstration of a stateful serverless application built on Cloudstate. Google Cloud Blog → goo.gle/2PdRVHP Subscribe to get all the episodes as they come out → goo.gle/GCP
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What is Dataflow?
What is Dataflow, and how can you use it for your data processing needs?
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Where to scale your workloads
App hosting on Google Cloud → goo.gle/3jVEtqj When building a new app, you have to consider scale and unpredictability.
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AI Platform Optimizer
Wanting to tune your hyperparameters on your machine learning model?
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Visualizing query results
Data visualization is useful for making complex data sets easier to understand and internalize.
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Troubleshooting OS Login SSH access
IAM permissions can be complicated, but the Policy Troubleshooter can help.
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How to optimize costs with Anthos
Looking to optimize your costs with Anthos?
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Deploy Django applications on Cloud Run
Trying to go serverless with your Django application?
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Getting started with Web Security Scanner
What if there was a tool that allows you to detect vulnerabilities on App Engine, Compute Engine, and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)?
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This Week in Cloud: Next OnAir week 3
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Priyanka Vergadia.
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What’s new with Filestore?
File storage for enterprise applications can be complex and complicated. Luckily, Filestore from Google Cloud offers enterprises a solution for file storage that is flexible and scalable.
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Cloud logging
There’s no tool that can replace the best practices for DevOps or SRE, but there is a tool that can allow you greater observability over your logs in a distributed infrastructure involving multiple
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How to simplify identity with Anthos
Managing identities across hybrid and multi cloud environments can be troublesome and hard to keep track of. Luckily, Anthos is capable of simplifying identity management for users and workloads.
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Immutable infrastructure
Patterns for scalable and resilient apps → goo.gle/3hpxUdE When building an application, mutable VMs are great for short term flexibility, but are unable to handle most complexities.
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Global Voices of the Google Cloud Certified Community
Google Cloud certified community members from around the world share how their certifications have impacted them.
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Next OnAir Week 2: Productivity & collaboration
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Mark Mirchandani.
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Using Cloud Logging on GKE
Looking to debug and troubleshoot your workloads that are on Google Kubernetes Engine?
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Google Cloud Platform thanks you for reaching 500K subscribers!
Thank you to all our viewers for helping us reach 500K subscribers!
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Getting Started: Load local data into BigQuery using the web UI
In this video, you will learn how to load data from a CSV file on your local machine into BigQuery using the web UI.
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Can AI make me a better athlete? | Using machine learning to analyze penalty kicks
Can an algorithm help you improve your penalty kick or tennis serve?
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What is BigQuery?
Looking for a serverless data warehouse that’s designed to ingest, store and query large amounts of data?
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This Week in Cloud: Next OnAir Week 1
Here to bring you the latest news in the Cloud is Stephanie Wong.
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What is KFserving?
KFServing → goo.gle/2EEEfE1 While training your ML model is one thing, there are many ways you can serve it to begin predictions.
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Google’s new Private Service Connect simplifies secure access to cloud services at scale
Private Service connect allows you to connect and consume services easily and privately to first and third-party services.
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How to go beyond business continuity with Anthos
Having a business continuity plan that only extends to traditional backup and disaster recovery methods is sometimes not enough.
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How to apply a zero trust model for your deployments using Anthos
When modernizing your applications, traditional security models are outdated when it comes to providing greater observability for your networks and consistency for IAM permissions.
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Patterns for scalable and resilient apps
Patterns for scalable and resilient apps→ goo.gle/2Z2q6rN Welcome to Season of Scale. For developers and operators, unexpected peaks and dips in traffic can be scary.
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Infrastructure as code
Creating a basic configuration → goo.gle/2BQu91M Provisioning compute resources has traditionally been hard to manage, not scalable, and prone to error, so what other techniques can you
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