11 days 9:18
Top 10 Stadia announcements from Google for Games Developer Summit
Want the highlights of the Google for Game Developers Stadia Keynote? We’ve got you covered!
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11 days 17:55
GameSnacks: Google's new HTML5 gaming platform
Mobile gaming is huge, and mobile HTML5 gaming is growing. Learn more about how GameSnacks helped HTML5 game developers succeed with Google.
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11 days 26:02
Connecting with gaming creators: 4 things developers should know
Hear directly from YouTube gaming creators about best practices they think all marketers and game developers would benefit from to connect and engage online audiences on YouTube.
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11 days 10:25
Bringing new value to Stadia partners
Brand new incentives are coming to Stadia and they empower developers to drive their success in awesome ways.
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11 days 19:56
Less time porting and certing, more time creating
Learn from Stadia Product Managers about how we're making it more efficient to bring games to Stadia with significant investments in cloud-native tooling and automated certification processes as
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11 days 10:27
Stadia Keynote
Hear the latest and greatest from one of Stadia's business development leads.
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31 day 11:53
Integration tips with Google Pay #AskGooglePayDevs
Welcome to our very first episode of #AskGooglePayDevs with Developer Programs Engineer Jose Ugia. This series will address commonly asked questions about integrating Google Pay.
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47 days 8:08
Google Developer Student Club faculty advisors and core teams
Whether you’re starting your university’s first chapter or leading an existing club, two of the first things you need to do are identify a facility advisor and establish your core team.
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50 days 1:00
Visual tickets on Google Pay
Google Pay provides a simple way to replace paper tickets with more convenient visual tickets which can be saved to your customers phone.
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50 days 1:24
Improving the developer experience with Google Pay
Learn what's new in the Google Pay developer experience, including test cards, button options, Flutter support, and more.
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51 day 2:56
Google for Games Developer Summit 2021, Google Play indie games, Cloud TPU VMs, and more!
TL;DR 248 | The Google Developer News Show 0:00 - Join us for Google for Games Developer Summit 2021 → goo.gle/3yZvT1g 0:31 - Indie Games Accelerator and Indie Games Festival → goo.
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51 day 2:36
Smart Home proactive notifications and follow-up responses
In this episode, we go over how to implement notifications to your Smart Home Actions to alert users of timely events.
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59 days 1:06
Autofill with Google Pay
Discover how Autofill with Google Pay can increase your conversion rates with faster checkouts, decreased cart abandonment, and reminders of offers.
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59 days 2:34
New transaction features on smart devices | Demo
In this Demo, we take a look at some user experience (UX) changes for card verification code (CVC) confirmation and new payment method entry for payments on smart screens.
59 days 2:34
App Actions test tool | Demo
In this Demo, we show you how to use the App Actions test tool to test the functionality of your actions.
59 days 2:16
How to create your first App Action | Demo
In this Demo, we show you how to extend your Android app with an App Actions.
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59 days 2:00
One-click loyalty sign ups/sign-ins with Google Pay | Demo
Experience the Passes API for Loyalty. Learn to link your existing loyalty programs, and enable a one click sign-in/sign up for loyalty on Google Pay consumer app and Google Maps.
59 days 6:53
App Actions overview
App Actions is how developers can integrate Google Assistant into their Android App. Enable your users to launch specific features in your app using the Google Assistant.
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61 day 33:04
Debugging the smart home | Workshop
Learn how to improve the reliability of your smart home integration with Google’s new tools for developers.
61 day 30:28
Games on Google Assistant | Q&A
Learn about building games with Google Assistant in this Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session with a panel of Googlers.
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61 day 28:25
How the Assistant Investment Program can help fund your startup | Q&A
We invest in and work closely with early stage companies that move the Voice and Assistance ecosystem forward or help other businesses succeed.
61 day 29:45
Google Maps Platform | Q&A
Learn from the Google Maps Platform, engineering, product, and Developer Relations teams for this Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session.
61 day 35:17
Extend an Android app to Google Assistant with App Actions | Workshop
Learn to develop App Actions using common built-in intents in this codelab. Enable users to open app features and search for in-app content with Google Assistant.
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