1 hour 1:41
'No life is a good price': Belarus opposition leader posts video from Lithuania
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the main opposition candidate in Belarus' disputed elections, is thought to have left the country for Lithuania as clashes between heavily armed police and demonstrators
5 hours 0:43
Destructive 'wall of wind' tears through Iowa and Chicago
A powerful thunderstorm known as a 'derecho' has brought heavy rain and winds of up to 100mph to the US states of Iowa and Illinois.
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5 hours 1:10
Victoria police officer filmed allegedly choking and pinning woman to the ground
Victoria police have arrested and charged a young woman in Melbourne who was captured on video allegedly being choked and pinned to the ground by a police officer.
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8 hours 1:15
Great white shark calmly swims by snorkeller off Great Barrier Reef
Photographer Adrian Bullock was snorkelling off Lady Elliot Island, near Bundaberg, Queensland when this 4+ metre great white shark came into his view.
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10 hours 0:56
Coronavirus nose swab test given on live TV: 'Say yes to the test'
New Zealand director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has had a coronavirus swab on live television.
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11 hours 0:59
Seal in suburban Melbourne river brings bright spot during 'grim' stage-four lockdown
A seal has been spotted eating a large fish in a river in Melbourne’s inner north-west while the city remains in stage-four coronavirus lockdown.
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12 hours 3:10
Trump abruptly escorted out of press conference by Secret Service
Two minutes into a press briefing, Donald Trump was abruptly approached by a Secret Service agent and escorted out of the briefing room.
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14 hours 2:32
Belarus election: Protesters met with rubber bullets, water cannon and flash grenades
Belarus’s opposition has issued a message of defiance, rejecting the results of a presidential election marred by accusations of vote-rigging. Large protests broke out soon after the polls closed.
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19 hours 1:06
Lebanon PM announces government resignation after Beirut blast
Lebanon's prime minister Hassan Diab has announced the resignation of his government after a powerful Beirut port explosion sparked public uproar against the country's leaders.
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19 hours 2:22
Chicago erupts with violence and looting after police shooting
Violence and unrest erupted in central Chicago on Monday following protests on Sunday. Earlier a man was shot by police on the south side of the city.
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19 hours 0:55
Baltimore: aerial footage shows aftermath of gas explosion in residential area
One woman died and three people were hospitalized in serious condition after a major explosion in a residential area of Baltimore.
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22 hours 1:32
Boris Johnson: crossing Channel in small boats 'stupid, dangerous and criminal'
Boris Johnson has said the government intends to work with its French counterparts to try to prevent migrants travelling to the UK across the Channel following a sharp rise in the number of
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1 day 1:08
Aerial footage shows fires in Brazil's Amazon
The number of fires burning in Brazil's Amazon in July was up 28% on the same month last year, according to data from Brazil's space research agency INPE, and early numbers for August show a 7%
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1 day 0:57
Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under national security law
Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai was arrested over alleged collusion with foreign forces under the city's controversial new national security laws.
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1 day 2:13
Beirut: protesters clash with police outside Lebanon’s parliamentary precinct
Thousands of protesters have taken to the parliamentary precinct in the capital demanding the fall of the government days after a major explosion rocked Beirut, killing 159 people injuring more than
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1 day 0:43
Labour MP Dawn Butler films herself being stopped by police in London
Labour MP Dawn Butler has accused the police of being 'institutionally racist' after she was stopped while driving to Sunday lunch with a friend.
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1 day 0:50
Beirut explosion: Lebanese minister announces resignation over disaster
Lebanon’s information minister, Manal Abdel Samad, has quit in the first government resignation since an explosion in the port of Beirut killed more than 150 people and destroyed large parts of the
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2 days 0:48
Beirut explosion: new drone footage reveals scale of damage to homes
The destruction caused by last week's explosion in Beirut is visible in drone footage shot in devastated neighbourhoods.
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2 days 2:53
Beirut: shots, teargas and flames as anti-government protests grow
Lebanese riot police fired teargas at demonstrators in Beirut on Saturday and shots were heard in growing protests over this week's devastating explosion.
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2 days 1:35
Sideman quits Radio 1Xtra after BBC defends use of N-word on air
BBC radio presenter Sideman has quit his job after the corporation defended its decision to broadcast the N-word in a television news broadcast.
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2 days 1:30
Beirut explosion: CCTV captures moment blast struck hospital
Footage captured when the blast in the Lebanese capital's port hit the Lau Medical Center-Rizk hospital shows the shockwave shattering windows and ripping doors from their frames.
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3 days 2:25
Democrats holding coronavirus relief bill 'hostage', says Trump
Donald Trump says he will act unilaterally to suspend payroll taxes for all Americans until the end of 2020 and possibly longer and extend supplemental unemployment benefits and other coronavirus
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3 days 1:13
'Most sophisticated tunnel in US history' discovered between Mexico and Arizona
US border officials claim an incomplete tunnel found stretching from Mexico to Arizona could be 'the most sophisticated tunnel in US history'.
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3 days 4:36
What we know about the Beirut explosion
On Tuesday evening, a massive explosion ripped across Beirut, killing at least 150 people and injuring thousands more.
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4 days 1:29
'No sense, no dignity': woman who lost home in Beirut blast berates Lebanon's politicians
Fabienne Sahyoun has spent the last two days recovering some of her personal belongings from what is left of her flat.
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4 days 0:52
Beirut: police fire teargas at protest against Lebanese leadership
Lebanese protesters clashed with police late on Thursday as they tried to approach government buildings in central Beirut. Police responded with teargas and dispersed the crowd.
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4 days 4:13
'A goose': NSW minister launches tirade at colleague in state parliament
NSW health minister Brad Hazzard called opposition leader Jodi McKay 'quite stupid', a 'goose' and a 'complete pork chop' during a heated exchange in the state's parliament.
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4 days 2:01
Trump claims Joe Biden will 'hurt God' if elected president
Donald Trump says likely presidential rival Joe Biden is "against God" as he upped his attacks on the Democratic nominee.
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4 days 0:47
Trump: NRA should move to Texas and 'lead a very good and beautiful life'
Donald Trump says the National Rifle Association (NRA) should relocate to Texas after the New York attorney general launched a law suit to dissolve the group.
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4 days 1:46
Beirut explosion: protesters demand political change as Macron tours city
Angry crowds in Beirut have urged Emmanuel Macron to help bring political change to Lebanon as the French president toured the city’s blasted port and the shattered surrounding neighbourhoods.
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