18 min 1:33
Angela Rayner accused of calling Conservative MP 'scum' in parliament
Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner was reprimanded in the House of Commons when she appeared to use the word 'scum' in reference to a conservative MP while he was speaking during a debate on
46 min 1:14:15
Experts give briefing on Covid-19 at Union world conference – watch live
Experts including Dr Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of the White House Covid-19 taskforce, and Dr Kate O’Brien of the World
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3 hours 2:50
'Corrosive to public trust': Keir Starmer attacks PM's lockdown measures
The Labour leader has criticised Boris Johnson's three-tier approach to curbing the spread of coronavirus, saying 'pitting region against region' is 'corrosive to public trust'.
4 hours 1:02
'You can't have your cake and eat it': EU council president on Brexit
During a debate between lawmakers on Brexit negotiations, the president of the European council, Charles Michel, has said that while the EU is keen to maintain close links with the UK, Britain
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4 hours 2:06
Nigeria: security forces in Lagos open fire on protesters fighting against police brutality
Nigerian security forces have opened fire on hundreds of protesters in Lagos, as rallies against police brutality continued in defiance of a 24-hour curfew.
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11 hours 1:55
Trump says US is 'crushing' coronavirus as country surpasses 220,000 deaths
Donald Trump says the US is 'crushing' Covid-19 as the country surpasses 220,000 deaths from the virus.
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12 hours 1:08
Celebrations as Osiris-Rex spacecraft touches down on asteroid Bennu
Nasa staff celebrate after successfully landing the Osiris-Rex spacecraft on the asteroid Bennu in a mission to collect surface samples and return them to Earth.
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19 hours 2:26
Hancock says financial support for Greater Manchester still 'on table' after tier 3 imposed
Matt Hancock confirmed the government’s offer of financial support for Greater Manchester businesses 'remains on the table' after Boris Johnson said he was imposing tier 3 on the region from 12.01am
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20 hours 2:33:21
Hancock updates MPs on Covid-19 rules after Greater Manchester talks collapse – watch live
Matt Hancock updates MPs on coronavirus rules across England as talks fail between government and Greater Manchester, which has been put in tier 3 restrictions by Boris Johnson
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22 hours 2:06
Boris Johnson confirms Greater Manchester moving to tier 3 after failed talks
Boris Johnson has announced Greater Manchester will be moving to tier 3 measures against coronavirus after talks failed between the government and the mayor, Andy Burnham, over an economic support
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23 hours 53:35
Boris Johnson holds press conference after Greater Manchester talks – watch live
Boris Johnson holds a press conference where he is expected to provide an update on what has been decided for the Greater Manchester region following talks with mayor Andy Burnham.
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23 hours 2:22
'We took this stand for you': Andy Burnham reacts to failure of talks
Andy Burnham has said talks broke down with the government because they were offering too small an amount of money to support businesses during a tier 3 lockdown.
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23 hours 1:04
'Brutal': Andy Burnham reacts to government's tier 3 package live on TV
Andy Burnham received details that the government planned a £22m package for test and trace in Greater Manchester - refusing to confirm a previous additional £60m offer for business support - during
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1 day 16:41
Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham holds press conference on failed tier 3 talks – watch live
The Greater Manchester mayor, Andy Burnham, holds a news conference after negotiations with government collapse and tier 3 Covid restrictions are set to be imposed on region
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1 day 1:02
Police surround and capture submarine murderer Peter Madsen after he escaped jail
Peter Madsen, a Danish man convicted of torturing and murdering a Swedish journalist on his homemade submarine, escaped the suburban Copenhagen jail where he is serving a life sentence – but was
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1 day 1:31
French imam calls for Muslims to 'cry with families' mourning beheaded teacher
French imams have visited the school of the teacher who was beheaded by a suspected Islamist militant to pay their respects and call on Muslims to rally behind freedom of expression.
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1 day 2:24
Michael Gove performs Brexit U-turn at dispatch box
Michael Gove performed a U-turn at the dispatch box in which he praised a 'constructive move' by the EU minutes after declaring the talks 'effectively ended'.
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1 day 1:23
Andy Burnham: the government is trying to penny-pinch on tier 3 lockdown
The Greater Manchester mayor, Andy Burnham, said he would not 'break the law' if the government put the region into tier 3 coronavirus measures, but accused Westminster of ignoring those on a low
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1 day 0:51
Robert Jenrick warns Greater Manchester on tier 3 restrictions deadline
Robert Jenrick criticised authorities in Greater Manchester on Monday for lack of action over coronavirus restrictions in the region, and warned that they have until noon on Tuesday to reach an
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1 day 0:49
Covid vaccine will not be available in UK before spring, says Sir Patrick Vallance
It is unlikely a coronavirus vaccine will be in widespread use in Britain before next spring, the government's chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance said on Monday.
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1 day 1:16
Coalition questioned over $30m Western Sydney airport land
Deputy prime minister Michael McCormack has been grilled over his previous use of the word 'bargain' in relation to the controversial land sale connected to the second Sydney airport.
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1 day 1:10
‘I’ve never seen it like this before’: erosion and debris force closure of Byron Bay beach
High tides and debris have inundated the main beach of the northern New South Wales tourist town of Byron Bay.
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1 day 6:29:43
Matt Hancock gives statement on coronavirus – watch live
Matt Hancock gives statement on coronavirus – watch live
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1 day 1:54:49
Sir Patrick Vallance gives evidence to national security strategy committee – watch live
Virtual national security strategy committee held for the UK on biosecurity and national security.
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1 day 1:31:49
WHO briefing on the latest Covid-19 pandemic developments – watch live
Top officials from the World Health Organization (WHO), including director-general Tedros Adnahom Ghebreyesus, give a press conference on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.
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1 day 1:49
Theresa May reacts in shock as Michael Gove addresses Brexit security fears
Theresa May reacted in shock as Michael Gove claimed the UK can 'co-operate more effectively' in many areas over border security outside the EU than 'we ever could inside'.
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2 days 1:21
Teargas and water cannon used on anti-lockdown protesters in Prague
Czech police used teargas and a water cannon on Sunday to disperse hundreds of protesters, who attacked them after an anti-lockdown rally in Prague.
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2 days 1:46
Mark Drakeford announces 'firebreak' Covid lockdown for Wales
The Welsh first minister, Mark Drakeford, has announced a two-week national lockdown for Wales to tackle the rise in coronavirus infections.
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2 days 0:52
Andy Burnham: I'm not just going to roll over at the sight of a cheque
Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, has said he won't just 'roll over' at the offer of money in exchange for the region going into stricter tier 3 Covid restrictions.
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2 days 1:47
‘Gobsmacking’: Penny Wong grills secretary over $30m Western Sydney airport land deal
Labor’s Senate leader Penny Wong has led questioning at a Senate estimates hearing over a decision to spend $30m on a parcel of land near the Western Sydney airport worth just $3m.
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