11 hours 1:08
Smoke from Fawn fire in California paints sky orange
A fresh wildfire in northern California spread rapidly on Thursday, burning homes and prompting evacuation orders in a rural community in Shasta county.
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14 hours 2:03
Rivers of lava race down as La Palma volcano enters explosive phase
Rivers of lava raced down a volcano and exploded high into the air on the Spanish island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands, and the airport was closed as an eruption intensified and entered its
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18 hours 1:42
'I see myself': hundreds gather at vigil held in memory of Sabina Nessa
A vigil was held in memory of Sabina Nessa, the 28-year-old primary school teacher whose killing has triggered an outpouring of emotion and anger, especially among women.
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1 day 0:56
'People will pay' for migrant treatment at Texas border, says Biden
Joe Biden has said there will be repercussions for border patrol agents over their harsh treatment of Haitian migrants at the southern US border between Texas and Mexico, calling it an embarrassment
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1 day 3:57
Behind the scenes at the Guardian with Arts editor Alex Needham
In our new behind the scenes series, we interview Guardian journalists about their work, their highs and lows, their funny stories, and what they like about the Guardian.
1 day 1:59
Fridays for Future: climate protests kick off with Greta Thunberg in Berlin
Thousands of protesters, including Greta Thunberg, rallied outside the German parliament in Berlin demanding stronger climate action from the government ahead of Sunday's national election.
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1 day 1:07
'We're moving heaven and earth': Shapps on trying to fix lorry driver shortage
The transport secretary said petrol shortages were because of lorry driver shortages rather than fuel supply shortages.
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1 day 0:16
Night drone camera captures volcano erupting on Spain’s La Palma island #shorts
The evacuation of people on the Canary island of La Palma continues, as the ongoing volcanic eruption has pushed streams of lava towards inhabited coastal areas.
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2 days 1:03
Senior Democrats announce agreement on framework for reconciliation bill
Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer announced that the White House and congressional Democrats had “reached agreement on a framework that will pay for
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2 days 1:27
Border patrol will no longer use horses in Del Rio, says Psaki
White House press secretary Jen Psaki informed reporters on Wednesday that border patrol officers in Del Rio would no longer use horses after images emerged that appeared to show guards chasing down
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2 days 4:08
Behind the scenes at the Guardian with Audio producer Hannah Moore
In our new behind the scenes series, we interview Guardian journalists about their work, their highs and lows, their funny stories, and what they like about The Guardian.
2 days 0:33
'It's easy being green': Johnson disputes Kermit the Frog in climate crisis speech
The UK prime minister used his address to the UN general assembly in New York to claim that the Muppets character Kermit the Frog was wrong when he sang: 'It’s not easy being green.' Johnson focused
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2 days 0:43
Rolling news: giant moon model escapes from festival in China
A giant 'moon' rolled to freedom in Henan province after it escaped festival celebrations.
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3 days 4:07
Boris Johnson says humanity must 'grow up' to halt climate crisis during UN speech
UK prime minister Boris Johnson has warned it was time for humanity to 'grow up' and finally take responsibility for the destruction caused by the climate crisis.
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3 days 22:10
Watch in full: Boris Johnson addresses UN general assembly – video
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3 days 0:49
Biden recognises there could have been 'more discussion' with France says Psaki
During the White House daily press briefing on Wednesday, press secretary Jen Psaki was asked for additional details about Joe Biden’s call with the French president Emmanuel Macron today, after
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3 days 1:59
Whitty and Van-Tam say it is ‘inevitable’ that unvaccinated children will get Covid
Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, and Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, the deputy chief medical officer, appeared before the Commons education committee over the decision to offer
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3 days 1:13
Biden pledges US will be 'arsenal of vaccines' with donation of additional 500m doses
President announced the US will donate another 500m Covid vaccine doses to other countries, specifically those of low and low-middle income.
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3 days 2:29:21
Chris Whitty and Jonathan Van-Tam speak to lawmakers on vaccination of children
UK chief medical officer for England Professor Chris Whitty and Professor Jonathan Van-Tam address parliamentary select committee hearing on Covid-19 and the vaccination of children.
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3 days 3:22
Behind the scenes at the Guardian with Andrew Sparrow
In our new behind the scenes series, we interview Guardian journalists about their work, their highs and lows, their funny stories, and what they like about The Guardian.
3 days 0:33
Brazil's health minister shakes hands with Boris Johnson before testing positive for Covid
Brazil's health minister Marcelo Queiroga tested positive for the coronavirus in New York after president Jair Bolsonaro spoke at the UN general assembly on Tuesday.
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3 days 0:56
'Donnez-moi un break': Johnson says France needs to 'get a grip' over submarine deal
Boris Johnson has said French officials need to 'prenez un grip' amid continued anger at the US and UK's recent submarine deal with Australia.
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3 days 2:36
'Maybe he should go back to his sun lounger': Rayner takes aim at Raab during deputy PMQs
Angela Rayner has accused the government of failing the British people over the looming energy crisis in a prime minister’s questions notable for its stand-in participants and a series of jibes
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3 days 48:36
PMQs: deputy PM Dominic Raab expected to take questions in parliament – watch live
Deputy prime minister Dominic Raab expected to take questions in parliament while Boris Johnson is on a state visit to the US.
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3 days 2:20:16
Business minister Kwasi Kwarteng questioned by lawmakers on gas market – watch live
Business minister Kwasi Kwarteng is quizzed by members of parliament's business committee about rising gas prices, measures to protect consumers, the role of the regulator and support for British
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3 days 1:32
Ofgem boss implies millions of people could be affected by energy companies going bust
Jonathan Brearley, Ofgem's chief executive, told a parliament business committee on Wednesday that what was happening to gas prices was unlike previous price hikes.
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3 days 1:28
Joe Biden warns UK not to damage Northern Ireland peace over Brexit
Joe Biden has underlined the importance of ensuring peace in Northern Ireland is not jeopardised by post-Brexit tensions.
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3 days 1:44
From Sex and the City to Being John Malkovich: Willie Garson’s memorable roles
Willie Garson, the actor best known for his role as Stanford Blatch in the original series of Sex and the City, has died at the age of 57.
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3 days 11:54:59
76th UN general assembly kicks off – watch live
Under the cloud of Covid-19 and low vaccination rates in many countries, leaders convene for the 76th annual UN general assembly.
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4 days 0:39
China to stop building new coal-fired power projects abroad, says Xi Jinping
Chinese president Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that China will step up support for other developing countries in developing green and low-carbon energy, and will not build new coal-fired power
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