4 days 0:35
Shamima Begum cannot return to UK to fight for citizenship, supreme court rules
Shamima Begum, who fled Britain as a schoolgirl to join Islamic State in Syria, lost her case before the supreme court on Friday.
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Russian diplomats leave North Korea on hand-powered rail trolley
In normal times, most diplomats can expect to end a foreign posting with an official – if not always fond – farewell from their hosts and a comfortable journey back to their native country.
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4 days 2:14
EU leaders urge vaccination production speed up, warn against exports
Ursula von der Leyen has warned coronavirus vaccine suppliers to honour commitments in the EU, threatening to ban exports.
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4 days 0:37
The Queen encourages people to get Covid vaccine jab: 'Think about others'
The Queen said her Covid-19 jab 'didn’t hurt at all' in a video call with health officials leading vaccine deployment across the UK.
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4 days 1:08
Four children thrown to safety from burning building in Istanbul
A mother rescued four children by throwing them from a high window of an apartment that was on fire in Istanbul, Turkey.
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5 days 45:51
EU leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel hold press conference on Covid-19 – watch live
European Council president Charles Michel and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen are expected to hold news conference after and EU leaders' meeting on Covid-19
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5 days 3:10:21
EU health chiefs debate COVID-19 vaccines with pharma CEOs – watch live
European lawmakers debate with pharmaceutical CEOs on how to increase capacity and improve delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.
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5 days 0:48
Police shoot into crowd in Myanmar as first pro-military rally takes place
Police officers shot into a crowd of pro-democracy protesters in Yangon's Tamwe township in Myanmar, as thousands continued to rally against the military coup across the country.
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5 days 2:58
Nicola Sturgeon clashes with MSPs over Alex Salmond claims during FMQs
Nicola Sturgeon has been questioned about Alex Salmond claims at first minister’s questions.
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5 days 39:24
Nicola Sturgeon answers first minister's questions in Scottish parliament – watch live
Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, faces questions at FMQs in Holyrood The Guardian publishes independent journalism, made possible by supporters.
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5 days 1:03:51
Gavin Williamson says pupils will have their grades determined by teachers – watch live
The education secretary, Gavin Williamson, has said pupils will have their grades determined by teachers.
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5 days 1:36
Petrified tree up to 20m years old found intact in Lesbos
Scientists on the volcanic Greek island of Lesbos say they have found a rare fossilised tree.
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5 days 1:16:33
WHO experts in Europe hold news conference on long Covid – watch live
World Health Organization hosts news conference on Covid-19 in Europe with Dr Hans Kluge, WHO'd regional director for Europe, and technical experts, focusing on long Covid
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5 days 5:59
Why Bitcoin is so bad for the planet
In a year, bitcoin uses around the same about of electricity as the entire country of Norway. The digital currency is one that allows people to bypass banks and traditional payment methods.
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Baarack the sheep shorn of 35kg fleece after being found roaming in rural Australia
A rogue sheep found wandering in rural Victoria has been shorn of his heavily overgrown 35kg fleece.
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Listen to the first sounds recorded on Mars
Nasa scientists release the first sounds ever recorded on Mars, a light gust of wind on the planet's surface on Monday.
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Former Assad regime agent convicted in historic Syria torture verdict: 'Only the beginning'
A court in Germany has found a former Syrian regime official guilty of being an accomplice to crimes against humanity, in a historic first victory for efforts worldwide to bring legal accountability
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6 days 2:23
Gavin Williamson hopes children will get time in school this summer
Gavin Williamson, the education secretary, has said he hopes pupils in England will get “time in schools” this summer under government plans to fund catch-up school activities.
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6 days 46:30
Covid UK: Gavin Williamson holds government briefing – watch live
The UK education minister Gavin Williamson is expected to lead a government briefing on the Covid-19 pandemic The Guardian publishes independent journalism, made possible by supporters.
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6 days 1:21:13
WHO experts take Covid questions from public in virtual Q&A – watch live
WHO experts Dr Mike Ryan and Teresa Zakaria and the UN high commissioner for refugees, Filippo Grandi, answer questions about coronavirus from the general public.
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6 days 1:10
Ghana receives 600,000 vaccines through Covax
Covax has delivered its first Covid-19 vaccine doses as part of a programme to offset 'vaccine nationalism', ensuring equitable distribution of the vaccines.
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6 days 2:18:16
PMQs: Boris Johnson questioned by Keir Starmer and MPs in parliament – watch live
British prime minister Boris Johnson takes questions in parliament after President of COP26 Alok Sharma faces questions on climate change.
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6 days 2:49:23
Pfizer and Oxford vaccine developers take questions from British MPs – watch live
Dr Philip Dormitzer, vice-president and chief scientific officer of viral vaccines at Pfizer; Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology, University of Oxford; Madelaine McTernan, director general, UK
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6 days 0:50
Victorian house rolls through streets of San Francisco to new address
After 139 years at 807 Franklin Street in San Francisco, a two-storey Victorian house has a new address.
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7 days 1:56
Capitol mob 'came prepared for war', US Senate hears testimony
The former Capitol police chief, Steven Sund, said during a joint hearing on security failures that the insurrectionists during the 6 January attack 'came prepared for war'.
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7 days 3:52:31
US senate examines Capitol attack security failures in hearing – watch live
The Senate Homeland Security Committee holds a hearing to examine the security failures that led to a breach of the US Capitol on 6 January
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7 days 0:44
Boris Johnson says he feels guilty about his journalism
Boris Johnson told a group of schoolchildren on Tuesday he quit journalism for politics because he felt guilty about 'abusing or attacking people' without putting himself in their shoes.
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7 days 41:56
WHO hosts virtual event for Covid 'Recover Better Together campaign' – watch live
The World Health Organization is hosting a virtual event for the Covid Recover Better Together campaign, featuring singer Billie Eilish among others The Guardian publishes independent journalism
7 days 1:10
Nicola Sturgeon outlines Scotland's roadmap out of Covid lockdown
Nicola Sturgeon has set out a 'provisional' timetable for the easing of Covid restrictions in Scotland up until April.
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7 days 1:56:45
Nicola Sturgeon outlines roadmap for Scotland's exit from lockdown – watch live
Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, details how lockdown will be eased The Guardian publishes independent journalism, made possible by supporters.
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