6 hours 4:08
Trump Explodes, Walks Out of 60 Minutes Interview
Donald Trump abruptly walks out of a 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl and immediately starts tweeting attacks on her πŸ“° Download Newsvoice for free at newsvoice.com/pakman Pete
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4 hours 7:28
Most People Arrested at Protests Aren't Leftist Radicals
A new analysis from the Associated Press confirms that most people arrested at recent protests are not leftist radicals, as claimed by Donald Trump and Republicans πŸ”Š Want to read 5 books in one
8 hours 6:58
Trump Has Undisclosed Chinese Bank Account
A New York Times investigation reveals that Donald Trump has an undisclosed bank account in China πŸ‘ Save 20% on facemasks and other PPE at davidpakman.com/mask Trump Suggests He'd Leave
10 hours 8:13
Trump Crumbles at Humiliating Rally: "Nobody Wants Me"
Donald Trump completely crumbles at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, saying nobody wants him and telling the crowd that he is only there because he's not doing well in the polls β˜• Get up to 40% off
6 hours 2:03:03
LIVE: Barack Obama AND Donald Trump Rallies
Support the stream: Use coupon code 2020now for 66% off Membership at joinpakman.com Join us for the 1st 2020 Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden
5 hours 58:56
Voter intimidation Happening as Election Looms 10/21/20
New Show: Trump complains at PA rally, Trump walks off 60 Minutes interview, systemic racism deep dive, and much more...
9 hours 5:44
Uniformed Police Wearing Trump Mask at Polling Place
A uniformed police officer wearing a Trump mask shows up to a Miami, Florida polling place, and Miami police says he will be disciplined πŸ’° Get $5 just for signing up for FREE at
11 hours 5:13
Trump Got Bored, Ordered Milkshake During Classified Briefing
Donald Trump reportedly got bored and ordered a milkshake in the middle of a highly classified CIA briefing earlier in his presidency πŸ‘ Get 20% off an Allform sofa or armchair at
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