2 hours 2:12
Stepping out in style in VR
VIVE Talk looks at the making of ‘The Fabric of Reality’, a fashion show hosted entirely in VR at the Museum of Other Realities, the partner for the VIVE Museum application of the VIVE XR Suite.
2 hours 1:11
Holding your birthday concert in VR!
VIVE Talk explored the background of Ringo Starr hosting his 80th birthday concert in VR. Who said you can’t celebrate in style during a pandemic?#VIVECON2021​ #VIVETALK #VIVE
2 hours 3:00
Alice’s Wonderland as you’ve never experienced it before
VIVE Talk looks at ‘Curious Alice’, the remarkable collaboration between VIVE Arts and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London that explores the world of Alice in VR.
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