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How This Restaurant Worker Saved a Kid From Alleged Child Abuse
A restaurant manager is being hailed as a hero for spotting what she said were signs of child abuse. Flaviane Carvalho says a family ordered food at the Mrs.
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Everyone Survives as Bus Dangles 50 Feet Off Overpass
A city bus dangled over a 50-foot drop, after it crashed through barriers on a New York City overpass. The Bx35 bus was carrying passengers around 11 p.m. when the accident happened.
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Why This Man Cleans Cemetery Headstones on TikTok
Tony Walker hangs out in cemeteries. He isn’t visiting loved ones or even attending a funeral. He’s making TikTok videos detailing how he cleans and restores headstones.
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Lawyer Says ‘QAnon Shaman’ Should Get Pardon From Trump
The infamous rioter who wore fur and horns into the Capitol is now pleading for President Trump to pardon him. Jacob Chansley faces more than 20 years in prison if convicted.
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21 US Military Veterans Identified in Capitol Assault
The storming of the Capitol bears all the signs of a skilled military operation, experts now say.
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Landlord Says Party Mansion Renters Owe $80,000
Tenants in Staten Island allegedly haven’t paid their $4,500 rent in over 18 months, despite video showing them throwing lavish parties, including one that had a red carpet for guests.
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Investigator’s JonBenet Ramsey Suspect List Revealed
The work of legendary and late detective Lou Smit who came out of retirement to investigate the murder of the child beauty queen is examined in an episode of “20/20,” which will feature the
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Man Seen Taking Lincoln Bust From White House Amid Trump's Move
Boxes of personal belongings are being carted out of the White House and stacked high in the driveway out front as the Trumps prepare to move out.
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Woman Recovers After Robbery of Her Dog
It seems dog thefts are sweeping the country as the demand for pets has surged during the pandemic. One San Francisco woman’s beloved French bulldog, Chloe, was stolen at gunpoint.
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Widow Loses Husband to COVID-19 on Christmas Eve
This group of women is finding strength in their special, tragic bond: they are all widows after losing their husbands to COVID-19.
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