2 hours 1:37
Couple Watches Murder Hornet Nest Get Removed
Over the weekend, the first hive of murder hornets found on American soil was cleared out from a tree in Blaine, Washington.
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2 hours 2:09
Cop Suspended for Shouting Trump Slogan from Car
A New York City police officer was suspended after he used his patrol car’s loudspeaker to declare his support for President Trump.
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1 hour 1:50
Cardi B and Offset’s Cars Swarmed by Trump Rally
Rapper Cardi B and her husband Offset were swarmed by a pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills over the weekend, and the incident ended with Offset being detained by police after they say they got reports
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2 hours 1:41
These Women Tried Adele’s Sirtfood Diet
Adele stunned fans when she revealed her dramatic weight loss on “Saturday Night Live.” The singer lost about 100 pounds, and says she swears by what’s called the “Sirtfood Diet,” which claims
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8 hours 1:01
Scientists Capture Murder Hornets
Since no one needs to worry about murder hornets, too, scientists in Washington state have destroyed a nest containing the giant, scary-looking insects.
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2 hours 1:42
COVID-19 Cases Increase Ahead of Thanksgiving
Despite all the fears of a so-called “twin-demic”—cases of the flu alongside COVID-19, there are reassuring signs that it might not happen.
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4 hours 2:01
How Hitler Tried to Interfere in U.S. Presidential Election
As Americans head to the ballot box, or the mailbox, to cast their votes in the presidential election, there is a looming concern about election interference from foreign governments, namely Russia.
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2 hours 1:31
Wendy Williams Admits She ‘Not Perfect’
People are wondering if Wendy Williams is okay after a show on Friday that some are describing as a trainwreck.
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Should Vice President Mike Pence Be Quarantining?
A slew of aides in Vice President Mike Pence’s close circle have tested positive for the coronavirus, and while Pence tested negative according to the White House, he has continued to campaign in
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6 hours 1:13
Finland’s Santa Brings an Early Christmas Gift
While Jack Frost has already been nipping at noses across the United States, the reality is we are all pushing through a pandemic that has changed the way we live.
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Dubai Sets Guinness World Record for Largest Fountain
The Palm Fountain was unveiled on Dubai’s waterfront and now has the distinction of being the largest fountain in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
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