6 hours 18:28
House Speaker Pelosi Holds News Conference | NBC News
Watch live coverage as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds her weekly news conference days after the House voted to impeach President Trump for the second time. » Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.
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2 hours 19:31
Biden Delivers Remarks On Covid Vaccine Plan | NBC News
Watch live coverage as President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on his plan to distribute and administer Covid-19 vaccinations.
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1 hour 7:23
Biden Will Instruct FEMA To Establish ‘Thousands’ Of Covid Vaccination Centers | NBC News NOW
President-elect Biden announced a five-point plan to ramp up distribution of Covid-19 vaccines in the U.S.
8 hours 5:16
From Hollywood Hills To Capitol Hill: Meet Energy Secretary Nominee Jennifer Granholm | NBC News NOW
NBC News' Maura Barrett takes an in-depth look at the life and career of President-elect Biden's nominee for secretary of energy from her early aspirations to become a famous actress to her time as
6 hours 15:57
Nightly News: Kids Edition (January 14, 2021) | NBC Nightly News
On this episode of Nightly News: Kids Edition, Dr. John Torres answers viewers’ weekly questions about the coronavirus. What exactly happens on Inauguration Day?
11 hours 2:09
Banks, Businesses, Cities Pull Away From Trump As Term Comes To An End | NBC News NOW
NBC News' Stephanie Ruhle reports on the different businesses and banks that have announced they will pull their services from President Trump's business entities as his term comes to an end.
10 hours 3:36
What Comes Next In Trump's Second Impeachment? | NBC News NOW
NBC News' Danny Cevallos breaks down the next steps in President Trump's second impeachment process.
7 hours 3:22
Airline Safety Concerns Ahead Of Biden's D.C. Inauguration | NBC News NOW
Airlines work to combat double threat of violence and Covid ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration. NBC's Cal Perry reports.
8 hours 4:29
Teachers Are Using TikTok, Media To Help Students Learn Amid Pandemic | NBC News NOW
NBC News spoke to teachers who are using TikTok and broadcast media to engage their students amid at-home learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.
9 hours 2:22
Weekly Jobless Claims Rise To Over 900,000 As Country Faces 10-Million-Job Deficit | NBC News NOW
NBC News' Jo Ling Kent reports on the new weekly jobless claims reaching their worst point since August 2020 as 965,000 Americans file for first-time unemployment while the country struggles to
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