9 hours 21:09
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News
Trump blasts CDC guidelines in push to reopen schools, parents grapple with mixed messages on sending kids back to school, and United Airlines warns employees of 36,000 possible involuntary furloughs. 9 Jul 2020, 1:59
11 hours 12:04
Florida Hospitals Struggle To Keep Up As Coronavirus Cases Spike | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Catie Beck reports on the state of South Florida hospitals that are struggling to keep up with the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state. 8 Jul 2020, 23:48
5 hours 11:55:01
Watch NBC News NOW Live - July 8
NBC News NOW is live, reporting breaking news and developing stories in real time. We are on the scene, covering the most important stories of the day and taking deep dives on issues you care about. 9 Jul 2020, 5:30
9 hours 8:44
Testing Demand Soars As Some Wait Weeks For Results | NBC Nightly News
As ICU beds reach capacity in some states, testing nationwide is also struggling to keep up with demand as patients wait days or weeks to receive test results. Experts warn that the U.S. 9 Jul 2020, 1:30
10 hours 16:53
At-Home COVID-19 Deaths Rise In Houston, Many Not Counted In Coronavirus Death Toll | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Mike Hixenbaugh breaks down data from the Houston fire department that shows an increasing number of people are dying from the coronavirus in their home before paramedics can get to them. 9 Jul 2020, 0:32
11 hours 2:12
Trump Blasts CDC Guidelines In Push To Reopen Schools | NBC Nightly News
Hours after President Trump criticized the CDC’s voluntary guidelines for reopening schools as “very tough and expensive,” the White House announced the agency would issue new recommendations next | 8 Jul 2020, 23:49
11 hours 1:32
Two Strangers Become Heroes After Saving Siblings From Apartment Fire | NBC Nightly News
At the scene of a devastating apartment fire, a retired Marine saved the life of a three-year-old boy by catching him after he was thrown from the burning building, while another man rushed into the | 8 Jul 2020, 23:49
11 hours 2:10
Outrage Over Video Of Alleged Racist Attack On Black Man In Indiana | NBC Nightly News
Video appears to show Vauhxx Booker pinned to a tree by four white men in what he describes as an “attempted lynching.” His account has shocked the community and sparked protests. 8 Jul 2020, 23:59
11 hours 3:09
Parents Grapple With Mixed Messages On Sending Kids Back To School | NBC Nightly News
New York City’s mayor unveiled a plan to bring students back part-time, but the governor quickly said it was too soon to announce a plan. 8 Jul 2020, 23:49
11 hours 3:00
New Study Highlights Issues Of Systemic Bias In Jury Selection | NBC Nightly News
Discrimination is illegal, but peremptory challenges allow the prosecution and defense to dismiss potential jurors without cause. 8 Jul 2020, 23:49
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