4 hours 16:33
Bringing back the swamp | Greg Kelly
Greg Kelly: Joe isn't fighting for us. He's just along for the ride, signing whatever the swamp puts on his desk.
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2 hours 4:53
America growing weaker | Grant Stinchfield
'Biden will destroy America' - Grant blasts Biden's Executive Orders and how with the stroke of his pen he'll hinder the nation's growth.
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4 hours 9:29
Trump on Trial: Jim Jordan presents the defense team
Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio comments on the impeachment effort against now-former President Donald Trump, what he's ready to do in defense of The Donald, plus the political divide resulting
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5 hours 7:09
They are violating the Constitution | Alan Dershowitz
Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz sets the record straight - 'this sets a dangerous precedent.' He examines the dangers of impeaching a president out of office and more - via Newsmax TV's
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7 hours 2:31
Biden Press Sec. fields question from Newsmax TV's Emerald Robinson
Press Secretary Jen Psaki fields a question from Newsmax TV's Emerald Robinson about China concerns - Emerald reports from Washington on the Biden executive orders.
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5 hours 9:32
Making America ignorant again | Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo examines the Left's 'socialist propaganda,' their love for labor leader Cesar Chavez, and the extremists taking over the streets and more via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo Show.'
6 hours 4:29
Biden details his "BUY AMERICAN" Executive Order
WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden delivers remarks about his executive order aimed at compelling federal agencies to purchase American goods.
9 hours 8:14
The impeachment trial looms | Jordan Sekulow
WASHINGTON: as the impeachment trial of now-former President Trump looms, Executive Director, American Center for Law and Justice Jordan Sekulow breaks down the political divide between lawmakers
9 hours 7:57
Gohmert goes off: Biden will help China anywhere he can
Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas comments on recent executive orders signed by President Joe Biden regarding China's access to different United States assets.
9 hours 2:31
Mom influencer canceled over politics
Parents are throwing tantrums after learning that this mom influencer donated a few dollars to the Trump campaign. Rachel and Rob react.
10 hours 5:28
China continues to penetrate us | Gordon Chang
Gordon Chang on on the MIT professor charged with hiding information from the Chinese government, the tense relationship with the United States and more - via Newsmax TV's 'John Bachman Now.' Watch
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