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Ruthless CEO Fires HUNDREDS Over Zoom Call Before The Holidays
The CEO of mortgage lending startup better.com Vishal Garg recently fired over 900 hundred of his employees over a Zoom call just weeks before the holidays.
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Repubs And Big Oil To PUNISH Clean Energy Investors
Conservative legislators and fossil fuel extraction companies are teaming up to battle financial institutions and laws that are allegedly ‘discriminating’ against fossil fuel energy companies.
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EXPOSED: Biden Sells MORE Weapons To Saudi Arabia
President Biden and his administration are turning back on their plans to make Saudi Arabia accountable for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by strongly favoring a $650 million arms sale to
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MLB Players Union Slugs It Out With Owners In Labor Dispute
The Major League Baseball Players Association has called for a work-stoppage amid a labor dispute with MLB owners, the first of its kind since 1995.
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