12 Jan 2006
30 days 2:31
The Smart Facility: AI Monitoring with Reign Core's 5G Network
Transform your enterprise with AI and 5G. HTC's G Reigns presents the private 5G network you can set up virtually anywhere: Reign Core.
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37 days 3:06
VR Meets 5G: Bringing Cloud VR to Your Enterprise with Reign Core
Imagine real-time collaboration with others in hyper-immersive VR – and without tethers to PCs. The new Reign Core makes this dream a reality.
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45 days 2:58
How Reign Core's 5G Network Will Transform Your Industry
What if you could run an entire 5G network out of one portable device? With the new Reign Core, you can.
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69 days 3:56
Explore VIVERSE on HTC Desire 22 pro
HTC just launched their latest smartphone- HTC Desire 22 pro. Join Wilson as he guides you on a step-by-step tour exploring VIVERSE directly with the HTC Desire 22 pro.
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93 days 0:31
HTC Desire 22 pro
Swift. Versatile. Dynamic. Desire 22 pro is the phone to carry you into the future.
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209 days 3:00
VIVERSE - A Day in the Metaverse with VR, AR, AI, 5G & NFTs
What if, using any device, you could safely and seamlessly connect with others across the physical, digital, and virtual worlds?
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209 days 5:17
The VIVERSE Ecosystem: A Shared, Open Resource and Community
What is the metaverse? Many envision a virtual world that we can all live, work, and play in. VIVE pursues something greater.
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209 days 9:44
VIVERSE: Your Open and Secure Metaverse Platform
VIVE began as HTC's first foray into virtual reality, with the vision of bringing people and their imaginations closer than ever before.
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350 days 18:56
HTC VIVE Special Event: Go with the Flow | Immersive VR Glasses
Have you ever experienced burnout from the demands of everyday life?
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05.09.21 1:22
Calm, Peace and Tranquility in VR
Amid the modern, fast-paced lifestyle, we all can use a time-out. Breathe in, breathe out. Find out how HTC VIVE and mindfulness apps together provide you with some peaceful me-time.
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02.09.21 2:26
VR and Physical Rehab
Healthcare provider Penumbra, using HTC VIVE VR headsets, created the REAL System.
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27.08.21 2:27
Art Exhibitions Enter the World of VR
Experience art in a new light with the help of HTC VIVE VR headsets.
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23.08.21 1:56
XR in Business and Learning
Discover how HTC VIVE is leveraging virtual and augmented realities to help businesses streamline and consolidate their processes.
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19.08.21 1:07
Musical Festivity in VR
Music festivals have leveraged VR and HTC VIVE to recreate the festive environment when the real thing has been cancelled due to the pandemic.
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20.05.21 1:00
Meet Vive Pro 2 | Vive
Introducing the VIVE Pro 2. Upgrade your headset setup with the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning VR series.
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20.05.21 1:14
Introducing VIVE Focus 3 | VIVE
Meet the all-in-one VIVE Focus 3. Delivering best-in-class graphics, ergonomic comfort and advanced business applications that will transform the way you work.
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31.03.21 0:32
Introducing the HTC Desire 20+
HTC – 31 Mar 2021, 7:11
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30.03.21 0:32
Introducing the HTC Desire 21 pro 5G
HTC – 30 Mar 2021, 19:38
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01.12.20 1:02
HTC U20 5G Smartphone
HTC's first 5G-enabled phone gives you blazing fast downloads, 5 cameras, 4k resolution, and a massive 5,000mah battery. So much speed,. So much potential. So much fun!
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01.07.20 0:41
HTC Desire 20 Pro
HTC Desire 20 Pro features 5 pro-level camera lenses and a 6.5" large display. Do more and for longer with a big 5,000mAh battery. Available for purchase now:
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25.02.19 1:02
HTC 5G HUB | World’s first 5G smart hub for home, business and in between.
Harness 5G speeds with the HTC 5G Hub. Designed for ease of use in home and office environments, this versatile device enables smooth 4K video streaming, low-latency gaming, and faster networks.
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11.09.18 1:12
HTC U12+ featuring Edge Sense 2 | One Edge, Endless Possibilities
The next generation of Edge Sense offers more useful features then even and now even knows which hand you are using, giving you one-handed freedom for either hand.
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30.08.18 0:30
HTC U12 life | Dual camera, dual finish to shine
HTC today unveiled the newest and most affordable member of its award-winning U family: the HTC U12 life.
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29.05.18 1:40
HTC U12+ New Features
The HTC U12+ Live on the Edge. An entirely new design with Pressure Sensitive Buttons, a new touch feedback experience and intelligent, interactive edges lets you do even more things with one hand.
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23.05.18 1:04
HTC U12+ | Live on the Edge
With an entirely new design with Pressure Sensitive Buttons, a highly-rated dual camera set up and Edge Sense 2, you'll live on the edge with the HTC U12+. Learn more at
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23.05.18 5:03
Bigger, Bolder and Edgier. Introducing the HTC U12+.
Meet the HTC U12+, our newest flagship device that introduces all new ways of interacting with your favorite features with Edge Sense 2, an improved camera experience and much more.
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30.03.18 0:34
HTC Desire 12 and 12+ | Big to See, Small to Hold
The new HTC Desire 12 & 12+ are two modern and sleek 18:9 phones that are big to see and small to hold. Learn more at ------------------ Subscribe for more!
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07.03.18 14:53
MWC 2018: HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang's Keynote
At MWC 2018, HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang shared her thoughts on the convergence of major technologies like VR, AR, 5G and AI.
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03.01.18 1:08
HTC U11 life | How to Set Up HTC USonic Earbuds with Personalized Audio & Noise-Cancellation
When audio gets personalized to your ears, sound just sounds better. Get to know the USonic earbuds that come in-box with the HTC U11 life.
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29.12.17 0:49
HTC Edge Sense - Off the Ropes Selfie
Edge Sense helps you capture those next to impossible shots — Even if you're not flying off the top rope.
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