30 days 1:05
Trailer: Cai Guo-Qiang "Sleepwalking in the Forbidden City" in Collaboration with HTC VIVE ARTS
“Sleepwalking in the Forbidden City” is the world-renowned artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s first VR artwork, created in partnership with HTC VIVE Arts.
1 253
93 days 1:13
Htc Vive Xr Suite Launch
VIVE XR Suite is now available in select markets.
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105 days 1:00
HTC Vive Arts I Il Dubbio
The interactive experience focuses on a little-discussed phenomenon which can be central to the creative process: doubt.
1 496
114 days 4:32
HTC Vive Arts I Pompeii, the VR experience at Grand Palais
Created with advanced technologies, this VR journey begins amongst the current ruins, and then brings you back 2000 years to witness all the rich architectural and artistic details representative of
1 168
114 days 0:57
HTC Vive: Galderma Uses VR to Create Immersive Anatomy Training for Aesthetic Injectors
Galderma partnered with Sector 5 Digital to develop a motion-based VR experience called Galderma Interactive Anatomy—or GIA.
120 days 1:06
HTC Vive Arts I Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser
In Wonderland nothing is as it seems. Use your senses to complete curious challenges. Race against the clock to capture the white rabbits missing glove. Explore fantastical landscapes.
2 490
181 day 1:55
Viveport I Paper Beast from Pixel Reef
An adventure and exploration game in a dreamlike and surprising universe. Somewhere in the abyssal depths of the internet, life has blossomed.
197 days 2:16
Introducing VIVE XR Suite
Introducing VIVE XR Suite, a collection of cloud-based tools moving us all to that Next Normal. Coming Q3/2020.
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197 days 1:40:08
Journey into the Next Normal virtual event
We are in a time where we all need to find new ways to overcome the challenges of living & working in a socially distant world.
217 days 2:55
Introducing VIVE XR Suite
VIVE XR Suite is a collection of software applications that enable users to work, learn, socialize and share life experiences in an immersive environment.
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245 days 1:43
Thresholds | HTC VIVE Arts
Created by artist #MatCollishaw, Thresholds uses #VirtualReality to restage the world’s earliest major exhibition of photography, which was presented in 1839 by British scientist William Henry Fox
4 265
248 days 2:18
Zaha Hadid: Project Correl | HTC VIVE Arts
Project Correl is a collaborative experiment in multi-presence Virtual Reality illustrating the development of complex assemblies inside virtual space.
2 339
252 days 1:01
Liu Kuo-Sung at National Kaohsiung Museum | VIVE Arts
The Universe of Liu Kuo-Sung, a #VRexperience featuring the works of Chinese master painter Liu Kuo-Sung at the #KaohsiungMuseumofFineArts in Taiwan.
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255 days 0:34
Angus Chiang: Oh My Almighty God! | HTC VIVE Arts
In recent years, the world’s largest #fashionshow has seamlessly blended art, fashion, and technology.
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260 days 40:00
Webinar: What’s the Opportunity for VR in Enterprise?
Are you interested in learning more about what VR hardware and software can do for your company?
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266 days 1:45
Welcome to Vive Sync
HTC Vive – 30 Apr 2020, 17:23
14 121
268 days 41:12
Webinar: Viveport  2020 Roadmap and Developer Console
Join Adhar Walia, Director of Product for Viveport, in an informative webinar discussing the 2020 Viveport product roadmap and the new developer resource portal, providing information and resources
1 697
274 days 1:01:19
Webinar: Lessons Learned from Marketing 100+VR Games
Join Thomas Gratz, Senior Manager, Developer Marketing at Viveport in an informative webinar on marketing VR games. Learn more about VIVE and Viveport.
281 day 53:39
Webinar: Working Remotely in VR Using  Vive Sync
Join David Sapienza, AVP Content Production at HTC Vive, in an informative webinar using Vive Sync. Learn more about VIVE and Viveport.
7 924
288 days 21:50
Htc Vive V2Ec Part 8: Vive Wave Sdk Updates
Tony Lin | Director of R&D, HTC
2 410
288 days 20:19
V2EC Part 7 of Developer Track: A VIVE Hand Tracking Tutorial
Dario Laverde | Sr. Developer, Dev Relations & Partnerships, HTC
1 177
288 days 36:29
1 409
288 days 43:05
HTC VIVE V2EC Part 5:Education in the Post-Virus Era (Chinese)
Moderator: Dr. Louie Lv | President of VIVEDU Panelists: Yuefeng Deng |
288 days 34:01
HTC VIVE V2EC Part 4: 5G as Catalyst for VR Adoption
Moderator: Raymond Pao | Senior VP of VR Product and Strategy of HTC Panelists: Fang Cui | Vice GM of China Mobile Group Device Co., Ltd. Technical Department Robert Wang |
288 days 28:35
HTC VIVE V2EC Part 3: Conferences of the Future
Moderator: Charlie Fink | Forbes Columnist, XR Consultant and Author Panelists: Jams Zhang | Global VP and General Manager of China, NVIDIA (GTC) Blair MacIntyre |
288 days 17:11
HTC VIVE V2EC Keynote Part 2: Mobile XR for an Unrestrained Future
Featuring Hugo Swart, Vice President & GM, XR of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
288 days 1:31:54
HTC VIVE V2EC Keynote Part 1: Cher Wang, Yves Maitre, Alvin Graylin, Thomas Furness, Peter Diamandis
Welcome Speech - Cher Wang | Chairwoman of HTC Opening Speech - Yves Maitre | CEO of HTC Realizing a Boundless Future - Alvin W. Graylin | China President of HTC Specially Invited Guest - Dr.
2 111
289 days 36:32
Webinar: Build for Tomorrow - VIVE Hand Tracking SDK
Join Dario Laverde, Sr. Developer at HTC, in an informative webinar on hand tracking. Learn more about VIVE and Viveport.
6 001
293 days 1:27
Accused #2 | ARTE | VR For Impact
Accused #2, a 6DoF animated documentary, immerses the viewer in the trial which convicted Nelson Mandela during Apartheid regime in South Africa.
293 days 2:31
My Africa | Conservation International | VR For Impact
Journey to Kenya in 360° virtual reality, where the futures of wildlife and people are intertwined.
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