4 days 15:48
DIY LEGO Brick Sorter | I Like To Make Stuff
I prototyped a LEGO Brick Sorter out of plywood, laser-cut acrylic, and some 3d printed parts.
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11 days 14:49
Upgrade Any Cabinet with DIY Pull Out Drawers | I Like To Make Stuff
To maximize the organized space in our deep cabinets, I built some easy pull out drawers.
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18 days 14:05
Ripping Apart My Karmann Ghia | I Like To Make Stuff
It is time to completely dismantle the Karmann Ghia! This full-restoration project had to start by tearing it down so that I can start building it back up the right way.
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25 days 20:16
How To Make a Modern Stair Railing | I Like To Make Stuff
At Anthony's house, we made a modern wood and steel stair railing. He used Fusion 360 to design a beautiful stair railing that wasn't that difficult to make. Come see how we did it!
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39 days 9:48
Would These Fake Windows Fool You? | I Like To Make Stuff
We needed some additional light in a basement bedroom, so we made some light panel windows that fade in and out like the real thing!
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46 days 10:15
How to Make a Kitchen Island | I Like To Make Stuff
We were able to finally finish my kitchen island because WE FINALLY GOT COUNTERTOPS! We are so excited about getting this kitchen renovation done.
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52 days 17:08
Making a Pneumatic Powered He Man Clamp | I Like To Make Stuff
Netflix has just revived the He-Man show Masters of the Universe and turns out, there is a character named Clamp Champ.
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60 days 18:57
First Steps Toward Fine Woodworking | I Like To Make Stuff
I wanted to replace a broken side table without using screws or nails! This solid cherry side table was an exercise in finer woodworking for me and I'm really happy with the result.
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67 days 12:16
There's A Hole In The Gas Tank! | I Like To Make Stuff | Karmann Ghia
The Karmann Ghia has a hole in the gas tank! In this installment of the dream car series, Bob has to refurbish the Karmann Ghia's gas tank with a product he's never used before. Come see how it went!
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74 days 15:40
How To Make a Pull Out Pantry | I Like To Make Stuff
In our newly renovated kitchen, we have a deep cabinet that I transformed into a pull out pantry. It is the perfect use of that tall and deep space and wasn't that difficult to make yourself.
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88 days 13:08
Make Your Own Pendant Lights DIY | I Like To Make Stuff
We need three pendant lights in the new kitchen. I could spend a lot of money buying some, or I could make some really cool DIY pendant lights using the wood in my shop. Can I do it?
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95 days 13:36
Kitchen Renovations Aren't Like TV Shows! | I Like To Make Stuff
There are a lot of things that renovation shows on TV don't show you. We want to share our timeline issues that could affect your next renovation project.
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101 day 17:55
Finishing My Full-Size R2-D2 Build | I Like To Make Stuff
It's been 2 and a half years, but I finally finishing building my full-size R2-D2 astromech droid! It was a labor of love and I'm so happy to be done! Come check it out!
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109 days 11:08
How to Restore My Dream Car: Karmann Ghia | I Like To Make Stuff
Bob has always wanted a Volkswagon Karmann Ghia, so he bought a junky rust bucket that he can restore into his dream car! He knows nothing about cars, so he's going to need your help!
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116 days 12:47
How to Make a Porch Swing | I Like To Make Stuff
I was itching for a new outdoor project, so we made this awesome porch swing to enjoy our farm.
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130 days 15:27
DIY AirTag Accessories | I Like To Make Stuff
Tired of losing your tape measure or remote control? Let's make some DIY AirTag Accessories to help keep track of your stuff! Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video!
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135 days 11:17
Making a "Smart" Practice Seat | I Like To Make Stuff
I made a practice seat that uses simple components to track your progress.
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151 day 15:48
Hiding a Wall Safe with a Puzzle | I Like To Make Stuff
Can we make a wall safe more secure with a 2x4 and a 3d printer? Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this video.
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165 days 22:54
Kitchen Cabinets: Cheaper to Build or Buy? | I Like To Make Stuff
Is it cheaper to build or buy kitchen cabinets?
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172 days 17:08
Should You Remodel a Kitchen By Yourself? | I Like To Make Stuff
Is a full kitchen remodel a DIY task or should you hire it out? This video will help you decide!
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186 days 18:50
How to Organize a Boring Closet | I Like To Make Stuff
In this closet makeover project, Josh transformed a chaotic coat closet into an organized and beautiful space.
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199 days 18:14
How to Build a DIY Guitar: Challenge Part 2 | I Like To Make Stuff
In this second installment of the DIY Guitar Build, Bob and Josh finish up their guitar and bass! This video is sponsored by StewMac.
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206 days 25:20
How to Build a DIY Guitar: Challenge | I Like To Make Stuff
Josh and Bob are going head to head again in a DIY guitar build-off! Thanks to Kove Audio for sponsoring this video.
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220 days 10:35
How to Make a Modern Coat Rack From Scraps | I Like To Make Stuff
Using nothing but scrap materials, I made a modern coat rack that looks super nice!
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227 days 25:12
How To Make An Adjustable Pottery Stool | I Like To Make Stuff
My wife has really loved making pottery so I made her a special adjustable pottery stool. Apparently, these angled stools are good for the potter's posture.
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234 days 11:30
Floating Helmet Display Mounts | I Like To Make Stuff
I wanted a way to display my helmets in a sleek and minimal way so I made some invisible helmet display mounts. This took a lot of problem solving and a few prototypes, but I'm happy with the design!
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241 day 17:54
Mandalorian Helmets Using Small 3d Printers | I Like To Make Stuff
In this video I show you how to make full size helmets using small 3d printers. I can't print a full size helmet so I had to split the model and assemble the pieces.
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255 days 11:34
Drill Press Storage Upgrade | I Like To Make Stuff
Like many makers, I have a problem keeping track of all of my drill bits. Today, I'm going to fix that problem and so can you with our digital plans available below!
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276 days 12:45
Making A Gaffi Stick from Star Wars & The Mandalorian | I Like To Make Stuff
I wanted to make a real gaffi stick, the Tusken Raider weapon from Star Wars. Recently, it was featured in The Mandalorian where it did some serious damage and I wanted one of my own!
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281 day 9:18
Wall Art From Scrap Wood & Resin | I Like To Make Stuff
I challenged myself to make some wall art from scrap wood. This video is sponsored by Benjamin Moore.
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