9 days 11:34
Drill Press Storage Upgrade | I Like To Make Stuff
Like many makers, I have a problem keeping track of all of my drill bits. Today, I'm going to fix that problem and so can you with our digital plans available below!
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30 days 12:45
Making A Gaffi Stick from Star Wars & The Mandalorian | I Like To Make Stuff
I wanted to make a real gaffi stick, the Tusken Raider weapon from Star Wars. Recently, it was featured in The Mandalorian where it did some serious damage and I wanted one of my own!
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35 days 9:18
Wall Art From Scrap Wood & Resin | I Like To Make Stuff
I challenged myself to make some wall art from scrap wood. This video is sponsored by Benjamin Moore.
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43 days 16:29
Adjustable Work Light Arm | I Like To Make Stuff
I used a combination of 3d printing, milling, and garage engineering to make an adjustable work light arm you can use with just one hand.
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51 day 11:11
Make a Minimal Leather Wallet | I Like To Make Stuff
You can easily make a minimal leather wallet for yourself or to sell as custom products!
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58 days 24:04
Making Stunt Props for Action Movies | I Like To Make Stuff
We've always wanted to make an action movie with an array of cool prop weapons. All it took was some silicone, some special resin, and a fog machine.
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61 day 7:00
Choosing Silicones // Bits | I Like To Make Stuff
Need help choosing silicones for your molding & casting project? Let this Bits video be your guide to navigating the confusing world of silicones, rubbers, and urethanes.
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65 days 17:02
Quick Bathroom Makeover | I Like To Make Stuff
We did a quick bathroom makeover on our 80s bathroom using some paint, wallpaper, and super simple QuicTile from Daltile!
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72 days 19:35
Single Board Build Off | I Like To Make Stuff
I went to head to head with Josh to make some beautiful projects in a single board build off!
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79 days 13:04
Making R2-D2 Part 5 // Feet & Motion | I Like To Make Stuff
In this 5th installment of Making R2-D2, I assemble the feet and connect the drivetrain so that he rolls around remotely!
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86 days 18:07
Making a Walk In Closet | I Like To Make Stuff
Smash through some walls and build a new walk in closet! Come see how we did it! Thanks to Salesforce for sponsoring a portion of this video.
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100 days 27:01
Star Wars Inspired Entertainment Center | I Like To Make Stuff
Join The Maker Alliance for early video access and extras: ilt.ms/join We created a custom Star Wars inspired entertainment center with the help of The Smuggler's Room to house audio, video
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107 days 6:52
Choosing Battery Operated Tools // Bits | I Like To Make Stuff
In this episode of Bits, we discuss choosing battery operated tools for your shop.
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114 days 14:39
Making a Canoe Carrier | I Like To Make Stuff
I made a way to easily move my canoe all by myself!
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121 day 16:13
Adding a Murphy Bed to the Secret Office | I Like To Make Stuff
We made a secret bed, or murphy bed, outside the secret office! See how you can add a bed to any room without sacrificing floor space. This video was sponsored by Rockler.
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125 days 10:07
U.S. Navy Mobile Shelter Challenge | Sailor VS
The U.S. Navy challenged me to build a mobile shelter as part of their series #SailorVS.
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135 days 19:34
Upgrading the Paint Booth with More Storage | I Like To Make Stuff
Come see how you can make the ultimate paint booth with a bunch of storage space!
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149 days 17:18
Making A Custom Display Box | I Like To Make Stuff
Have something unique that you want to show off, make a cool custom display box!
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156 days 13:40
Adding Storage To Any Bed // Woodworking | I Like To Make Stuff
Let us show you how to add storage to almost any bed with this simple drawer system.
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163 days 16:27
Designing a Model Making Station | I Like To Make Stuff
I redesigned one of my Rolling Tool Carts to become a Model Making Station with trays for paints, new tools, and a taller design!
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170 days 10:53
Making Custom Silicone Mats | I Like To Make Stuff
With all of the model making and electronics tinkering I've been doing lately, I wanted a custom silicone mat that could hold specific items.
656 317
177 days 12:52
How to Make a DIY Weight Rack // Home Gym | I Like To Make Stuff
To finish off our new home gym, I made a DIY weight rack to accommodate our collection of plates and barbells.
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184 days 19:04
How to Make a Modern Canopy Bed | I Like To Make Stuff
I made my daughter a clean, modern canopy bed using plywood! We've got plans available so you can make one too!
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191 day 13:10
How to Make a DIY Weight Bench // Home Gym | I Like To Make Stuff
In this project, I make a DIY weight bench to go in our new home gym area. We've been working out at home so that we can stay healthy while social distancing.
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198 days 12:10
Making a Simple Potting Bench // Woodworking | I Like To Make Stuff
Since making the Raise Garden Beds, My wife has asked for a potting bench. Using simple construction, I made her a cedar potting bench with a built-in sink.
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212 days 14:40
Making the Blue Spirit Mask from Avatar: The Last Airbender | I Like To Make Stuff
My family has recently finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and I have been wanting to make a cool prop from the show.
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215 days 2:10
Fusion 360 For Makers // Online Course | I Like To Make Stuff
The team at I Like To Make Stuff has just released Fusion 360 For Makers, a 1-on-1 video course dedicated to teach your the ins and outs of 3d modeling with Fusion 360.
67 587
219 days 16:36
Making R2-D2 Part 4 // Electronics & Remote Control | I Like To Make Stuff
In this 4th installment of Making an R2-D2, we are adding the dome motor, the electronic brain, adding hinged panels, and syncing the remote control. Thanks to Express VPN for sponsoring this project.
192 176
226 days 10:20
Turning a Plywood Coffee Tamper | I Like To Make Stuff
Since we've been home for a while, I decided to rekindle my love for coffee and espresso by making a coffee tamper out of patterned plywood.
170 818
240 days 20:02
Tabletop Game Storage (Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures) | I Like To Make Stuff
I've started playing the tabletop game Star Wars X-Wing and I really love it. There are a lot of small ships and pieces that need proper storage.
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