I Like To Make Stuff

6 Feb 2013
3 days 1:17:46
We're Building an Arcade! LIVE BUILD with Q&A!
Follow along as Bob works with a Raspberry Pi and button controls for a RetroPi Arcade build. He also answered some great questions from the audience and supporters!
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10 days 14:56
Using Your Scraps to Organize Your Shop
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17 days 14:27
Upgraded Lumber Storage (with build plans!)
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24 days 14:41
Starting To Look Like A Car Again | Karmann Ghia Restoration
I have turned a corner and started adding new body panels to the Karmann Ghia! I'm cautiously optimistic about the progress I'm making and becoming more comfortable with the tools.
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31 day 14:01
Can Adding Ridge Vents Cool Your House?
Does adding a ridge vent to your roof cool down your attic? Does that vented attic help cool down your house?
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45 days 15:40
Make Your Own Concrete Countertops (From a Kit!)
We helped Anthony pour his own concrete countertops using the Z Counterform kit from Concrete Countertop Solutions.
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52 days 21:19
Make a Prop Sword From Cheap Foam Panels | Adventure Time Sword
Need a cosplay sword or a display prop? We made a cartoon sword from Adventure Time out of cheap insulation foam and a hot wire cutter.
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59 days 26:18
Overcoming My Fear of Machining Metal
I've been afraid to use the Bridgeport and South Bend Lathe, my two machining tools. To get over this hesitation, I'm making a project using the two machines; a T-track stop block.
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73 days 20:12
Making a Backyard Climbing Wall | DIY Outdoors
I wanted to make a climbing wall tower out at the farm to teach my kids bouldering and climbing.
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80 days 18:27
"I Can't Believe I Made This!" | Sofa Table with Basic Tools
Lacking tools, a shop, and confidence, we helped Meighan build a beautiful sofa table as her first project!
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87 days 13:44
Sliding Room Divider (Inspired by Star Wars)
We wanted a cool looking room divider that could block out bright light. Using our CNC and some rollers, we made a sliding room divider straight out of Star Wars!
193 617
101 day 17:31
Prototyping a New Product!
We want to turn an old project into a NEW PRODUCT! Come see how to refine an idea, source materials, and simplify construction when making a new product.
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108 days 13:54
I Might Have Ruined My Karmann Ghia
I may have went too far in the Karmann Ghia restoration. It's going to take all my focus and attention to come back from these recent setbacks, can I do it? I hope so.
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115 days 13:23
Making D&D Dice Towers | Table Top Games
Dice towers are fun projects for the role-playing gamer in your life. You can make them out of anything, come see how to make your own!
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122 days 11:44
Making a Collapsible Painting Stand
I needed to make a large painting stand, but it had to fold away to save space in the shop. Come along while we solve problems, adjust plans, and make something awesome.
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129 days 12:06
Organizing the Mess In Your Trunk
Plywood and containers can make a huge difference in your vehicle! A portion of this video is an ad for State Farm. DISCLAIMER: Individual premiums and budgets will vary by customer.
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136 days 0:43
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143 days 14:46
Accent Wall with an Air Quality Sensor
Make a beautiful accent wall with an added air quality sensor! Save 20% on your system and your first month is free when you sign up for interactive monitoring.
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150 days 15:48
Full Shop Air Compressor Setup
Want to run air compressor lines throughout your shop? We did all the research so you do have to! Come see how you can have a full shop air compressor setup.
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157 days 20:06
Hiding a Gaming Table in Plain Sight (with build plans!)
If you like playing table-top games, cards with friends, or doing puzzles, this Gaming Table gives you the ability to store them inside a great looking table.
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171 day 18:36
Making a Barn Door with a Resin Art Panel
Making a Barn Door in your house is a great beginner woodworking project, but I wanted to spice it up by adding a cool resin art panel.
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178 days 15:35
Loser Does the Work \\ Between The Builds
This week, the guys have a lot work to do in the new building, but no one wants to do it.
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185 days 15:32
My Car Flipped Over!! Building a rotisserie for my VW Karmann Ghia
I built a rotisserie to flip the body of my Karmann Ghia. It needs a lot of body work and a car rotisserie is the best way to access it all. Come see the process!
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192 days 13:20
Can 3d Printing Improve Your Car?
3d Printers can make anything, including improvements to your car!
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199 days 16:15
Should You Buy a CNC or a Laser?
Thinking about investing in a CNC or a Laser Cutter? We show you the benefits of both while making a custom sign.
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220 days 16:08
Real Life Minecraft Torch (Color Changing Bulb!)
Want to bring Minecraft into the real world? We show you how to make a Real Life Minecraft Torch from wood and acrylic that can change colors!
240 271
227 days 12:03
From Gross to Gorgeous in a Weekend
We've partnered with The Home Depot and Kohler to fully transform our old Gas Station Bathroom. Even the nastiest bathrooms can look amazing with a little work and some new fixtures.
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237 days 0:14
Shorts?? How? Why? What?
I Like To Make Stuff – 12 Dec 2021, 23:52
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241 day 26:04
Making Christmas Nutcrackers | Build-off Challenge
The guys are doing another holiday Build-Off Challenge, but this time, they're making Nutcrackers!
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248 days 19:12
A Flexible Way to Showcase Your Cool Stuff | I Like To Make Stuff
I made this display cabinet, or hutch, to show off my prize collectibles. The french cleat system allows you to showcase odd sized items all together, like trophies, fine china, or cool vintage toys.
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