1 day 10:07
U.S. Navy Mobile Shelter Challenge | Sailor VS
The U.S. Navy challenged me to build a mobile shelter as part of their series #SailorVS.
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12 days 19:34
Upgrading the Paint Booth with More Storage
Come see how you can make the ultimate paint booth with a bunch of storage space!
173 009
26 days 17:18
Making A Custom Display Box
Have something unique that you want to show off, make a cool custom display box!
212 376
33 days 13:40
Adding Storage To Any Bed // Woodworking
Let us show you how to add storage to almost any bed with this simple drawer system.
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40 days 16:27
Designing a Model Making Station
I redesigned one of my Rolling Tool Carts to become a Model Making Station with trays for paints, new tools, and a taller design!
177 821
47 days 10:53
Making Custom Silicone Mats
With all of the model making and electronics tinkering I've been doing lately, I wanted a custom silicone mat that could hold specific items.
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54 days 12:52
How to Make a DIY Weight Rack // Home Gym
To finish off our new home gym, I made a DIY weight rack to accommodate our collection of plates and barbells.
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60 days 19:04
How to Make a Modern Canopy Bed
I made my daughter a clean, modern canopy bed using plywood! We've got plans available so you can make one too!
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68 days 13:10
How to Make a DIY Weight Bench // Home Gym
In this project, I make a DIY weight bench to go in our new home gym area. We've been working out at home so that we can stay healthy while social distancing.
226 192
75 days 12:10
Making a Simple Potting Bench // Woodworking
Since making the Raise Garden Beds, My wife has asked for a potting bench. Using simple construction, I made her a cedar potting bench with a built-in sink.
220 552
89 days 14:40
Making the Blue Spirit Mask from Avatar: The Last Airbender
My family has recently finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and I have been wanting to make a cool prop from the show.
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91 day 2:10
Fusion 360 For Makers // Online Course
The team at I Like To Make Stuff has just released Fusion 360 For Makers, a 1-on-1 video course dedicated to teach your the ins and outs of 3d modeling with Fusion 360.
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96 days 16:36
Making R2-D2 Part 4 // Electronics & Remote Control
In this 4th installment of Making an R2-D2, we are adding the dome motor, the electronic brain, adding hinged panels, and syncing the remote control. Thanks to Express VPN for sponsoring this project.
160 751
103 days 10:20
Turning a Plywood Coffee Tamper
Since we've been home for a while, I decided to rekindle my love for coffee and espresso by making a coffee tamper out of patterned plywood.
162 357
117 days 20:02
Tabletop Game Storage (Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures)
I've started playing the tabletop game Star Wars X-Wing and I really love it. There are a lot of small ships and pieces that need proper storage.
224 351
131 day 6:13
Making a Portable Fire Pit Grill
I wanted to make a portable grill that fit on our farm's fire pit. Actually, I wanted it to fit over any fire pit, so I used some scrap metal to make a quick, portable grill.
235 470
138 days 11:31
Making Raised Garden Beds from Composite Decking
Like many of you, I wanted to try my hand at home gardening and I started by making a raised garden beds from composite decking.
484 115
145 days 8:50
Making a Leather Guitar Strap // Leatherworking
I have more guitars than I do guitar straps, so I took this as a challenge to make my own leather guitar strap using some scrap leather I had on hand.
110 192
152 days 11:19
Making a Charging Station from Walnut & Brass
With my 4 kids doing school at home lately, I've needed to make a charging station for all of their school computers. This project was made from materials I had on-hand and took a day to build.
296 174
159 days 13:26
Making a Modern Lamp with Inductive Charging
I wanted to make a new bedside lamp and I also wanted to charge all of my devices, so I made a modern lamp with inductive charging!
263 860
166 days 14:59
How to Make a Multi Guitar Stand
As many of you know, I have a lot of instruments. Lately, I've been practicing a lot more and needed a place to store all of my guitars.
198 193
174 days 29:10
I Like To Make Stuff Shop Tour 2020! (April Fools)
(FYI, this was an April Fools Day video) - We finally shot a shop tour in February of 2020, come check out the I Like To Make Stuff headquarters including the workshop, the office, the recording
196 652
175 days 8:23
Shop Class 03 - Making a Simple Birdhouse
Today my kids are putting to use what they've learned this week by making a simple birdhouse from a single 5' board.
51 484
176 days 9:02
Shop Class 02 - Drill, Hammer and Speed Square
Continuing our "stuck at home" Shop Class, we talk about drills, bits and other basic tools as we prepare to make a simple birdhouse!
50 797
176 days 10:21
Shop Class 01 - Saws & Clamps
With my kids doing school from home right now, I thought it was a great time to give them a simple Shop Class! Come along with us as they learn some basics, and build a project together!
80 326
180 days 8:37
We Went to Chicago (in February) // Between the Builds
We went to Chicago (*more than 7 weeks ago*) to deliver the B Bender guitar to our buddy Rob Scallon, we shot a lot of fun and awesome footage.
75 753
187 days 15:12
Making a Welding Helmet for PUBG Mobile
I decided to turn PUBG Mobile's iconic level 3 helmet into a functioning welding helmet!
168 326
194 days 18:53
Making a Mid Century Modern Credenza
I wanted to make a nice mid century modern credenza to hold my newest fresh-water fish tank. Using some walnut plywood, I built a sliding-door cabinet to hold all of the fish tank's support equipment.
264 613
200 days 15:29
Making Simple Steel Storage while Learning to Weld
My metal storage was a disaster, so I made a simple steel storage rack while Josh was learning to weld. The entire storage rack was made from existing scrap metal that now holds scrap metal.
162 967
206 days 21:23
Making A B Bender Guitar for Rob Scallon
I modified a Chapman guitar for our friend Rob Scallon. This unique build allows Rob to stretch just a single guitar string to make some beautiful music.
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